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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Dragon Quest XI: Am the only one disappointed in this ?

I love DQ series, i played almost all entries. As the years went by and having played DQ11 on PS4, on first approach i was thinking i am impressed by the graphics and the world, but on a second notice, the gameplay, lets talk about this gameplay: Why it feels like a game from 1998, without even a simple innovation ? The battle is extremely repetitive for me, the series need a more brave change at this point. What do you think ?

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i think it should copy persona 1 on 1

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I actually enjoyed the game as much as I did precisely because it's a classic experience (although with some welcome modern additions and changes). 

Dragon Quest 9 was suppose to an multiplayer Action RPG. Part of the reason they chose DS. Yuji Hori welcomed the change but .. fans cried. Yuji Hori is an old guy and if there is to be a major shakeup, he should take charge of it before he passes the series.

Dragon Quest 11 just feels like it wants to be a action rpg. The scale of the environments feel as if they would accommodate for that style of battle system, the transition to battle scene is weird because battles take place exactly where they are started instead of a stock scence that represents the current environment .... why the need for transition screen? and then the free roam camera. They clearly ready for change but they gotta get the balls.

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As a huge Dragon Quest fan, I also agree that the battle system, which is from 1986 to be honest, could use a upgrade. But other series like Persona and Pokemon still use similar battle systems and that seems okay...

But I digress, Dragon Quest 9 on DS was supposed to be an Action RPG. There was footage of the game running as an Action RPG, but the Japanese absolutely detested it and Square Enix changed it back to Turn Based. I think if Dragon Quest is to evolve, it has to be approved by the Japanese first then the west. That being said, I did enjoy Dragon Quest XI, however again as a longtime Dragon Quest fan the game is a rehash of past Dragon Quest games. A lot of scenarios are re-used from previous Dragon Quest games, a lot of audio is re-used, and I get it it's JRPG comfort food.

But as a longtime fan, I can see that Horii needs to take inspiration from the series that he inspired to begin with. Dragon Quest sells insanely well in Japan still, XI is most likely still going to have outsold FFVII Remake there and of course P5 and Trials of Mana. In the west, 1M+ is not bad, but it should be better.

One thing I wish modern JRPGs would take from Dragon Quest is the freaking heal all button. Overall, I think once Sugiyama is eventually gone, and Horii is replaced then Dragon Quest will take a step in becoming more Action based without losing its roots. Something like a Zelda Dragon Quest style game would be great.

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I never got into any DQ game until 11 and I loved it. The others for some reason rubbed me wrong.

Did you turn on the AI for your other party members and speed up combat? The game gets rid of almost all the inconveniences of a turn based battle system. No need to grind (except with Metal Slimes, but that's quick and fun!). No random battles. No battle transition screen. Great character design, and animations that are fun to watch (instead of boring lengthy animations that you can't skip).

I love turn-based fighting, be Dragon Quest XI, Persona 5 or Yakuza Like a Dragon

Dulfite said:
I never got into any DQ game until 11 and I loved it. The others for some reason rubbed me wrong.

I can see why. I would only recommed Dragon Quest 5, 8, and 11. They are the best in the series. Dragon Quest 7 is quite possibly the most boring JRPG in the history of JRPGs. 

I didnt feel disappointed in the game itself cause I think the story, art style and characters are great compared to other entries in the franchise and compared to other jrps of similar style. While its predictable and a bit childish at times, playing and finishing this game gave me a similar satisfaction to DQ8, which is a big praise for me.

When it comes to the battle system I have mixed feelings about it. It does feel dated and it does feels too rigid at times. It could use some changes to make it a little more dynamic, however i wouldnt change it drastically, DQ sells very well as it is and the fact that it still resembles how it was since its beginings, down to its battle system, is something the fanbase likes and appreciates. Its part of the identity of the franchise overall. Its "old school" by design.

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