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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Listing for Kingdoms of Amalur Remaster discovered on Xbox Store

Glad to see that THQ Nordic isn’t just wasting the IP after they acquired it a few years ago. Hopefully it is successful enough to get us a sequel next gen.

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Really good game . I played this in the xbox 360 and again in xbox one with the dlc.
I hope they launch this in swicht too.

Sorry for my bad english.

I’d buy it if true!

KoA was something of a semi decent RPG for me. It had fun combat, but it's storytelling was rather lukewarm.

That said, I'd love to see a remaster of it with improved textures/lighting. I have a bad feeling that THQ's gonna make this remaster exclusive to a certain store, just like a recent SR remaster was.

Apparently it is releasing August 11. Remaster is being done by KAIKO, the studio that did the Darksiders remasters.

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I remember being really hyped for this game back in the day, and then skipping it entirely after playing the demo, because it left me with the impression that every single quest was MMO fetch quest quality.

Preorder if true. Maybe this time I'll make it past the first half.

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Coming to PS4 and PC as well.

One of my fave RPGs last gen and will get it again on PS4.

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I played it for a few mins.

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I wonder if it will be at full price.