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With the planned June 4th PS5 reveal delayed, it seems likely that we will start to see numerous alleged and actual leaks regarding what would have been shown. Some people have been really looking forward to this event, and would like to go into it without knowing anything about what will be shown. And, of course, other people get hyped by scouring the internet for any scrap of information they can find and of course want to talk about that information in the forums.

As such, we decided to make an official topic to discuss any leaks that may come out in the coming days or weeks.  This way people who want to discuss leaks have a place to do so without potentially ruining things for users who want a surprise.  We'll keep this topic open until the actual reveal happens.  PLEASE KEEP ALL DISCUSSION OF ANY LEAKS CONFINED TO THIS TOPIC!!!

Also, this is not the place to discuss feelings on the delay, or the events surrounding it.  Let's keep this topic as a place for people to talk about gaming and get hyped ^_^. 

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And now we wait for those leaks to appear...


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Good solution. Will tag it so I can avoid entering =p

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Cool, I'll tag this.

I was excited for the event on June 4th, but now we don't even have a specific date anymore. I'll have some fun waiting for leaks and rumours then.

Ohhh I can use this to write articles on the leaks

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Leaks in the weeks eh? It's better than a kick in the balls.

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It is possible that next June 12 they will do the PS5 event

Ryotsu said:

It is possible that next June 12 they will do the PS5 event

Hope so

Gran Turismo 7 is one of the exclusive titles that will be shown.  That's the word in racing circles.

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Tagged :)