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Characters you once looked up to, but felt disappointment in

For the longest time, I have always looked up to the stereotypical heroes of old and new for years, but around 22ish years ago, I found myself taking more interest in the anti-hero types (Like shadow the hedgehog as one example). I liked what the anti-hero types brought to the table, as they didn't always play by the rules, often at times not getting the job done or getting it done in some unorthodox manner.

Some of these anti-hero types often start out misunderstood or come with some tragic backstory, to give the audience some insight into why that character acts the way they do, or letting them know as to what their overall goal is.

I wanted to make this thread, because for just around 2 years now, I've swelled on one anti-hero in particular (if we can even call them that at this point), and that would be Sylvanas Windrunner, former Warchief of the horde and leader of the undead.

Ever since she appeared in the RTS Warcraft series, I was always fascinated by her backstory, about how she rose up as captain of her squad, to take on the encroaching army of the scourge, lead by Arthas Menethil. She fell at the gates of Quel'Thalas, cut down in her prime and her soul taken by Frostmourne. Eventually Arthas decided to turn her into a controlled, but unrelenting banshee.

Over the course of Warcraft she eventually manages to break free, forming her own identity once more and aiding those like her, by forming her own faction, to better find solace and safety, as most of Warcraft's populace despise the walking dead, let alone the mindless scourge.

Eventually we end up seeing her playing a slightly important role during the events of Wrath of the Lich King expansion. She decided to send a portion of her undead to aid the Horde/Alliance at the Wrath gate, but during that event, things took a turn for the ugly. Now it's no secret that she had previously dabbled in toxin creation, but in this case, at the Wrath gate, she wasn't there to oversee just what went down, only after that event did she find out that one of her own had gone behind her back and that they decided to betray the Horse/Alliance.

I think it was around that time, that I first felt a slight negative reaction towards her character, mostly because her general character, was that of one who sought redemption through aiding those like her, undead, forgotten and hated, yet she willingly sought to dabble with chemical warfare, she knew would bring untold hatred upon her kind.

The next instance I felt another negative reaction, was when she made an unknown deal with Helya, a Norse style underworld god. Even as a Horde player at the time, she was still privy to letting me know what she was trying to accomplish with that deal. Then later on we find her trying to enslave Eyir, leader of a sector of val'kyr. She never managed to, but it seemed as though Sylvanas wanted to subdue her for her own selfish reasons, and again, I wasn't in the know as to why and I started to feel like something bad was looming on the horizon.

Skip forward to Battle for Azeroth and we end up seeing what Sylvanas is like when she's in the War Chief seat.

So we go from this:

To this:

Then to this:

And then the end events of BFA, where Saurfang challenged her to 1v1 combat, with her easily having won that fight, calling everyone around her "nothing", and just simply fucking off to go fight Bolvar at Icecrown, to go mess things up there.

After all these events, I don't think I've ever felt such a loss of compassion for an anti-hero character before. She went from someone that had previously defended, was killed, continued to suffer, and then stupidly decided to make life in general, her enemy, to which she went about causing everyone anguish and suffering, for god knows what ultimate reason.

We've all seen the typical bad guys in Warcraft before, but for someone like Sylvanas, to go well out of her way, to burn a world tree, full of innocent lives, to the ground, and then call eevryone "nothing", I dunno, it's shocking as hell to see, but I feel more disgust for her writing in general, because why would you be so fickle and stupid, to suffer, get back up, and then over time, decide you want to make all life in the universe your sworn enemy, and thinking you can ever win such a war? (big tip; she won't, we'll win, we always do, and hope will always remain, and it's something that ultra specifically pisses her right off). It just comes off as so disappointing of a character, lore wise and writing. 

With the new expansion on the horizon, we know for sure that we will be finding out just what she had planned the past 3 expansions, but we'll also highly likely be putting her down. I couldn't care less about what she has to say tbh, since she's now entirely 1 dimensional in thought process and containing only one type of emotion as of BFA (spiteful sarcy anger), which effectively just makes her something easy to forget once we put her down, and that in general disappoints me the most.

Personally speaking, I had looked up to Sylvanas, because she represented the downtrodden, the outcast and the hated folk, who just got a second chance at life, but wanted to remain "living" (if you can even call it that) among others without conflict.

What characters have you once looked up toward before, but have let you down?. I'm interested in hearing stories from folk. I want to know who you once believed in, and why they let you down (if any, it doesn't have to be a total let down, could even be slight disagreement/disappointment). 

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I don't look up to anyone real or fake and never have, but interesting to see your feelings towards this character.

Decker said:
I don't look up to anyone real or fake and never have, but interesting to see your feelings towards this character.

Oh no, I don't mean looking up to them as something to base your morals from, or someone to learn from. Just the sort of character you've once admired or taken a particular interest in.