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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Playstation Event on June 4, "Playstation 5 official game reveal" , EDIT Official Sony confirmed it will be June 4

"Sony planning a PlayStation 5 digital event next week, maybe June 3 "Other PlayStation 5 events may follow in the coming weeks and months, and Sony is not expected to reveal every essential detail on the console during its first presentation"

EDIT: Takashi Mochizuki (Bloomberg tech writer ) said probably Sony will unveil the console design due to mass production already begun and avoiding leak

Team Playstation assemble !!!

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Hopefully some cool games are shown

Please, show us Horizon 2 in full next gen glory.

zumnupy10 said:
Please, show us Horizon 2 in full next gen glory.

Yes please.

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Let the fapping begin!


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Very easy event to make the best of the year.
1) Don't over hype it. That does no one any good. 1 drop of excitement is like a gallon to everyone these days. They take it way to far, way to fast.
2) Actual game play. Not in game trailers. Actual game play.
I'm not sure you even need 3) Next-gen exclusives.

A low key event releasing next gen content is all anyone needed to set the internet on fire.
Even 5 minutes of something like Horizon zero down 2 would melt faces.

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Let's fuckin do this!

I hope "June 3rd" doesn't mean "June 4th 3am" in europe if this date is accurate.

Sooner than I expected:

Sure, it could be about Horizon 2.
Or it could also be about Suikoden VI.