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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony DMCA's themselves on Twitter

Sony has been on a DMCA spree recently, copyright claiming videos and tweets that mention the Last of Us 2 leaks, including TLOU 2 memes like these:


They have also apparently been copyright striking journalists and youtubers who were covering the story about the leak and the DMCA's of the memes:

Well now it seems that Sony's copyright system abuse has backfired on them, as Twitter's automated copyright strike system has DMCA'd an official Sony TLOU 2 tweet:

Pretty hilarious stuff.

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Bruh, I can't.



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Uhm yeah i can see why,kinda siding with Sony here.

I also have a hard time with linking some amateuristic dramachasers to the words journalist and journalism.

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TLOUII PR is a shit show and it's hilarious!

I love love love my PS4 but how they have handled the story and the leaks and then this has been hilarious!

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

I support them all the way. Protect your fans and your art as aggressively as possible and its kind of unprecedented situation which is why they're resorting to this system. I've never had to be afraid to read the comments under a tweet in fear that they were going to ruin a game, or film for me but somehow Naught Dog has the worst trolls following them. I imagine it may be for political reasons, in any case things have already been spoiled for me because I decided to read IGNs twitter replies to an Assassins Creed article....

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Really bad optics.

Good on naughytydog and sony for trying to save one of their major ip, if not their biggest since last of us 1.

Good thing they're not overreaching or anything.