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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Mafia 1 and 2 Definitive Edition trailers and Mafia 2 gameplay

It seems that Mafia 2 is getting a simple remaster, only Mafia 1 is getting the full on remake treatment on the Mafia 3 engine. 

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 19 May 2020

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Mafia 1 getting a proper remake would be insane.
It was a really good game back then but wow the game was hard.

If they add more checkpoints and fix the difficulty of the race I would definitely play it.

Mafia 2... not so much. Really liked it but I don't see a point in replaying it.

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Ok so Mafia 1 Definitive Edition is a remake. Just like Xenoblade then, cool

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Mafia 1 is one of my all time favourites, really looking forward to replaying it after what it seems like eternity.
Hopefully, 2K will do justice and remake another Czech PC gem from that period, Vietcong.

Definitely getting Mafia 1 remake since I never played. Don't know about 2's remaster since I have the regular one on PC. Doesn't seem much different. Just pump up the resolution lol

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Mafia 1 was a masterpiece at that time. I could not believe I was playing a mobster game with such characters and plot. On PC of course as the PS2 port was maybe the worst port in the history of ports. I would definitely play it again.
Never finished Mafia 2 because the performance on my PS3 was really bad. Low resolution, a LOT of screen tearing, low fps, I just gave up. Time to go back to it.
Mafia 3 never got me interested. I wanted to see more of that 1920-1940 chicago/untouchables style mob stories and the 1960 setting never grabbed my attention.
Bring it on!

Never played the first Mafia game, but REALLY enjoyed Mafia 2... shame it isn't getting anything more than a simple remaster treatment, but the fact that the first game is getting a full remake is cool, and I'll be able to see what all the fuss is about with it, lol :P

How is it that the first Mafia, the one that got a full remake treatment, barely gets a trailer? That's the one I wanna see more of, not the one that got a simple touch up.

Mafia 1 one of my favorite games, I hope they don't make a 2 out of it because 2 was a very bland game compared to 1.

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btw. in case you didn't notice, they now give away all the Mafia 3 DLCs for free.