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From the description of the video:

It's the real deal. This is an Epic-made build of Gears of War 3 for PS3. This build is dated May 19 2011, and is the only build of this ever located. As far as I know I'm also the only person with a working build of this particular data as well. I don't know why it exists, I dont know why it was made. All I can do is speculate. This is distinctly different from the January 2011 build, as that build was rebuilt from source by an unknown party. As a result, theres 2 builds on PS3, one being unofficial (Jan 2011), the other being this one (May 19 2011). There's a lot of differences from final, as well as a lot of changes from the January data, but I'll skip over them for now.

Important notes It's currently running on a PS3 Devkit. These have additional RAM that is available and without it you cannot play this. RPCS3 is not fully able to play this either, but small parts can be loaded under specific conditions. Splitscreen works, as does multiplayer with the right commands. Network play is not available as far as I know, as it cannot connect to Xbox Live, nor can it connect to PSN. If it's able to connect with other systems, I cant test it. Buttons still show Xbox 360 buttons, as well as tries to read storage like the Xbox 360, but if you select a profile it will softlock the system. I'm keeping the fix for the data private. No I wont share it.

How well does it run? Performance wise, better than the unofficial build remade from source, but not free from flaws. Anya is the biggest performance loss during all of this due to her hair. Control wise, it has the same issues as the unofficial build. Fully horizontal and vertical aiming movement is quite poor, so you must include slight offsets to your aiming, which in turn makes actually shooting things really difficult. For levels playable, everything is playable outside of 2 specific cases. Convoy (Act 3 Chapter 3) is unplayable due to an unavoidable RSX exception. Normally you could skip this by loading a specific checkpoint, but the checkpoint system is broken. In turn this leaves it impossible to play the level. The other level is the finale, where the boss gets stuck on a scripting issue. It leaves the level impossible to finish, but is almost complete.

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Wow if that got released, it would have been insane


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I feel like this might be the missing puzzle piece in the story of what happened to the once great MS-Epic relationship. Makes it seem like Epic wanted the series to go multiplat, while MS wanted to keep it exclusive. Explains why MS had to buy the IP off of Epic in order to get Gears 4 made.

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I'm thinkin' like the guy above me. Thank goodness it remained an exclusive, though. Gears fits with that brand and, as I usually say, it most likely benefited from it in a great way, particularly as a showpiece for a platfrom.


I remember rumors that Gear3 might be coming to PS3 but nothing ever happened, nothing was ever announced.


Can't find the rumor but i've found links acknowledging that there were rumors at the time.

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Didn't Epic Games say once that they didn't get a dime off the Gears franchise because it was so expensive to produce? I'm not really sure how that's possible given how popular Gears was at the time (2 and 3 did 6m+), but it's interesting to think nonetheless if they were going to try and make 3 more profitable by making a PS3 version.

Gears of War 3 surprises me but I do know in 2005 PS3 demos did have an early build of Gears of War 1. Marcus had his mouth open the whole demo.

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I wasn't interested in Gears, but this basically shows that MS was paying to keep the game out of other platforms. Good that they kept the game alive since a good amount of MS fans like it.

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Cliff Bleszinski says it is fake.

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trunkswd said:

Cliff Bleszinski says it is fake.

I'll take his point since he is the head over there and would know about a build for ps3 being worked or not. But since he says 99% sure I would imagine they had a building and he is sure because this is different.

duduspace11 "Well, since we are estimating costs, Pokemon Red/Blue did cost Nintendo about $50m to make back in 1996"

Mr Puggsly: "Hehe, I said good profit. You said big profit. Frankly, not losing money is what I meant by good. Don't get hung up on semantics"