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Forums - PC Discussion - GTA V Photorealistic Graphics Overhaul (Video)

Damn, this looks good.

Posted to share and for future personal reference.

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Yep, looks great. It's impressive how much better can games look when someone tries to maximize the tech that's available today, without caring about system requirements.

There's another mod that brings GTA IV to the GTA V engine, coupled with the reshade ray tracing mod and others. It's still a work in progress and there are some troubles (mostly pop-in textures, and maybe the lights are too bright), but it looks amazing.

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Hopefully GTA VI will look even more fap worthy


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Really well-made trailer. Seems like a lot of work went into this project.

Well let's see how GTA VI will look good.

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Looks good. Sadly, will probably be another several years before there is a GPU in my price range capable of running it, lol.

Photorealism = 5% polygons + 10% textures + 85% lighting. Which is why the emergence of ray tracing is so important.

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It looks good but it is faaaaaar away from being photorealistic.

not true. Alot of things in there look photorealsitic, especially in motion. Some textures however though look of this gen. For gta6 though i'm expecting 8k textures from the ground up. 

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