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Forums - PC Discussion - NVIDIA AMPERE Confirmed. GA100 To Feature 8192 Cores

It looks like we have some confirmation regarding the AMPERE GPU architecture from Nvidia. NVIDIA’s CEO” Jensen Huang” has just confirmed during a keynote press briefing that the upcoming Ampere architecture is going to launch for both “consumer” as well as the datacenter/HPC markets. This confirms all the previous rumors we have been hearing so far.

We will have Ampere lineup for the Gaming “Geforce cards” as well. The previous generation Volta and Turing series were actually “split” between professional and gaming segments. This changes with Ampere.

Ampere will eventually replace Nvidia’s Turing and Volta chips with a single platform that streamlines Nvidia’s GPU lineup, Huang said in a pre-briefing with media members Wednesday. While consumers largely know Nvidia for its videogame hardware, the first launches with Ampere are aimed at AI needs in the cloud and for research.

Unquestionably, it’s the first time that we’ve unified the acceleration workload of the entire data center into one single platform,” Huang said.

GA100 Specs (most likely the next TITAN as well)


128 SMs
8192 CUDA cores
Largest single GPU core count ever seen
8192 FP32 cores
4096 FP64 cores
512 tensor cores.
8 Graphics Processing Clusters on the GPU, each with 16 SM units and 8 TPCs. 


826mm2 (even bigger than the Volta GV100 GPU [TITAN V] which was 815 mm2). The GPU also features more than twice the number of transistors at
54 Billion Transistors
Ampere GA100 GPU is single-handily the densest GPU ever built.
HUGE 6144-bit bus interface
Up to 48 GB HBM2e memory in six HBM2 stacks (TITAN may end up at 24-32GB, but the 48GB buffer is not out of the question)

More at the source


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My thoughts? Jesus-f-Christ! I will finally be able to create the 3D worlds that I've so desired to do since DirectX12's announcement in 2015. The potential to have 96GB of the fastest RAM (yes, I'd be NVLINKIN' two of these bad boys) and that MASSIVE bus ensure the best possible outcomes I could hope for (and for a good amount of years at that)!

That Unreal 5 demo, for example. I could already blaze through that with my current stuff, so with this, I'd be able to maintain 1440p/144Hz and they can throw what ever amount of triangles and quads at it that they please. Also notice, not a single mention of teraflops. They don't even mention them and I'm glad. Talk about the stuff that matters!


pardon me 20k?

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The press conference also tells us something that is more so related to PC gaming as well which is that this leak:

Is most likely correct because the leaker of that also correctly leaked things like the Die size of the the GA100 back in February.

GA102 = 3080 Ti

GA103 = 3080

GA104 = 3070

GA106= 3060

GA107= 3050

Do keep in mind that the % vs 2080 Ti are from very early tests and probably will go up by the time it launches.

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So far no word of a product for the full fat chip. So we'll have to make do with just 6912 cores, 5120 bit interface and 40GB of HBM2.

The biggest thing I took away from the keynote is that DLSS 3.0 will be amazing and help with raster and RT performance immensely. I also really like MIG.

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