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Forums - Sony Discussion - Possible PS5 reveal tomorrow, Gamestop Italy teases a Playstation announce

Geoff Keighley also teased a big announce tomorrow:

Maybe this is the PS5 console deep dive that Cerny teased would be the next PS5 info reveal in that one Digital Foundry video. He said we would get a console deep dive that would show the external design and internals of PS5, including the cooling system.

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Looks like I will be tuning in tomorrow


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I didnt consider it could be the console reveal and maybe the internal components look too... figured it was just a game. but yeah... could be the hardware actually.

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Looking forward to the tech demos.

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If Geoff is promoting it then it's probably nothing noteworthy.

There is a State of Play tomorrow, but already confirmed there will be NO PS5 news.

The Investors report for FY 2019 is also tomorrow.

Return exclusive to PS and not from PS? So like a significant third party game franchise? Hmm...

IGN has a big announcement, too.