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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What to expect for Switch in the second half of the year?

In this strange times where the world is in a global state of emergency and all the major gaming events were cancelled, very few announcements were made regarding new games releases for the Nintendo Switch, mostly third-party / indie games at this time.

Recently, Nintendo president said they have more not-yet announced games for this year.

So, what do you expect to be released on Switch in the second-half of 2020?

My "low-expectation" prediction for the rest of 2020:

July - A WiiU game port
August - Shin Megami Tensei V
September - A new NSO multiplayer original game
September - GB/GBA games for NSO
October - Bayonetta 3
November - Metroid Prime Trilogy
December - Super Mario All-Stars 2 (Mario 3D remasters)

Do you think the Switch will have a solid line-up of games ready to face the PS5 and XSex launch line-up? :)

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If Animal Crossing will become NS most successful game, in the future we can expect peeing doll and rocking horse simulators.

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Not that much, honestly. Another batch of 3rd party ports, one of the HD Mario remasters and maybe Pokemon Let's Go Jotho. Otherwise, the heavy hitters probably need more time in the oven after the quarantine.

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So many possibility yet reduced by the COVID. I'm not sure what to expect. Other games yet to be announced ? Good. Let's see if they'll do something this summer then.

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axiom verge 2
and a mario game

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Before the pandemic I was very confident on BotW2 being the big hitter for the holidays this year, but I'm assuming it'll be maybe a March 2021 release now (as Nintendo seems to like March as an off-holiday time for big launches: the Switch itself and AC for example). I'd love to see some sort of well known IP new game this Fall, something like Bayonetta 3 or Pikmin 4, or ideally both.

Beyond that I hope Nintendo will just pad the second half of the year with highly desired ports and HD remasters while they've got a potential lull in new releases from the effects of the pandemic. HD Metroid Prime Trilogy, HD Wind Waker ported over, HD Galaxy Collection (or All-Stars 2 or you know whatever they apparently have planned for the Mario anniversary according to the rumor), and Mario 3D World port. I think these ports/remasters and just one or two decent holiday launches would be great for the rest of the year considering the situation.

Also, they need to finally get at least N64, GB, or GBA on NSO this year. They are way behind in adding to NSO. The subscription based system is much better than the VC but I'm starting to wonder if Nintendo is gonna screw it up by not actually paying much attention to it. When NSO came out I figured by now we'd have GB, GBA, NES, SNES, and N64.

So ideal 2nd half schedule for me I'd say would be:

July: Mario World 3D port

August: Wind Waker HD port

September: Pikmin 4

October: Metroid Prime Trilogy HD

November: HD Galaxy Collection, a new Ring Fit game

December: Bayonetta 3, and hell I'll even throw in Switch Sports remake of Wii Sports + Wii Sports Resort cuz that would be awesome even tho I doubt they'll bring this to the Switch

Bayonetta 3 is definitely not happening this year. More rpgs would be nice.

FragileSurface said:
Bayonetta 3 is definitely not happening this year. More rpgs would be nice.

Well the thing is we literally have no idea what is coming. The only games we even know for sure are being worked on (as in it has been officially talked about) are Metroid Prime 4, BotW2, and Bayonetta 3. And the latter two should come out before Prime given Prime's reset. Any games outside of these three is pure guesswork.

Not saying Bayonetta 3 is going to come out this year, but if any major new games come out this year it's between Bayonetta, Botw2, or just completely making up stuff about what games might even be in serious development at this time.

I honestly don't expect much, everybody will be hit by this covid thing. I think we will still have some holiday title but the summer will be pretty slow. It will give me some time to finish some games.

hopefully something