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What was your highest score?

Action 4 20.00%
Social 3 15.00%
Mastery 2 10.00%
Achievement 4 20.00%
Creativity 3 15.00%
Immersion 4 20.00%

After filling out a brief survey (5-7 minutes), this profile tool will generate a customized report for you. The report will describe the traits that were measured, and how you compare with other respondents. You will also be given a link to share your results. Based on your motivation profile, our Game Recommender Engine will suggest games you may like. Your responses may be used to refine the algorithms that generate the profile, and aggregate findings may be published in public or commercial reports. 

It's a very interesting test, you can read about it on their official website:

My results:

About my secondary motivation, I scored high in:

- Strategy (94%)
- Commnity (84%)
- Story (71%)
- Power (66%)

And pretty low in:

- Destruction (4%)
- Competition (19%)
- Challange (20%)
- Design (28%)

In the end of the survey they explain what each motivation means and even give examples of games that match in that specific motivation. It's pretty cool, please share your results

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Fantasy 23 -- Story 45

Discovery 25 -- Design 11

Excitement 6 -- Destruction 2

Competition 7 -- Community 3

Challenge 3 -- Strategy 49.

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Spontaneous, Relaxed, Independent, and Deeply Immersed

That's... Oddly accurate.

I just like blowing things up apparently xD

Fantasy (85%) -- Story (21%)
Challenge (82%) -- Strategy (66%)
Excitement (76%) -- Destruction (13%)
Discovery(55%) -- Design (6%)
Competition (19%) -- Community (56%)
Completion(8%) -- Power (52%)

I like Fantasy, Challenge, Excitement and Strategy.  Basically a game like Dark Souls or a Tactical RPG.

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Not too surprising in some respects - I'm very much into instant gratification and action, cut through the bs and bloat of cutscenes, dialouge, tons of convoluted controls, etc. Basically I want to have fun, and I want it now. I also appreciate exploration, open-world elements (or at least lots of freedom/versatility in game), world-building (but not necessarily narratives), rich atmosphere, etc. Like feeling both a sense of control and overcoming, along with a sense of freedom.

A bit surprised with how high the social element is, though I do often play Overwatch and enjoy online gaming (for certain genres) so it makes sense to a degree. And I feel like immersion should be higher for me as it's something I respect in games - though this is something I tend to associate more with film anyway. 

Excitement (93%)
Competition (80%)
Challenge (45%)
Discovery (40%)
Fantasy (35%)
Completion (8%) (my cousin's the big completionist. Me, I prefer to get the bulk of the experience at best, then quickly move it onto the next thing, unless it's something I'm REALLY into which is rare, especially nowadays. I don't even beat games too often anymore. Used to be more of a completionist in my youth but my patience has grown somewhat thin these days haha, plus there are just too many games for me to play.


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Didn't look beyond this graphic and closed the tab

I, um, don't find this accurate at all. Like, not even close. I don't see myself as much of a social gamer at all, and answered negatively on most of the questions regarding stuff like teaming up or whatever. But I do like to compete, so I voted positively on those. 78% though, twice as much as any other "attribute"? I mean, I'm not even a good competitor mentality-wise, I'm the worst when I lose.

The games I enjoy most are ones where I can be fully immersed into their world and characters, but that gets 39%. Good shit.

Creativity is a hard one too, I like to be creative in games where I feel that's in focus, but when the game is more story-oriented I'm happy to just do everything "normally". And story-oriented games tend to be my favorite games, which is why I voted like this, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy something else.

Honestly, I kinda wish I could've just answered "it depends on the game" to all the questions.

Fantasy (92%) -- Story (81%)
Challenge (82%) -- Strategy (88%)
Excitement (97%) -- Destruction (82%)
Discovery(3%) -- Design (90%)
Competition (95%) -- Community (88%)
Completion(23%) -- Power (52%)

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mZuzek said:

Honestly, I kinda wish I could've just answered "it depends on the game" to all the questions.

Ya, the questions were definitely very generalized. I mean, when you ask me how important X aspect of a game is to me, the real answer is pretty much always going to tie into what the actual game is.

Do I love going for all the achievements/trophies? Sure...if it's a game like Sekiro or Dark Souls.

Do I enjoy being chaotic and destructive? I mean...if we're talking being evil in an RPG now and again, absolutely. If we're talking gunning down loads of pedestrians in GTA, meh.

Power chasing, and focusing purely on stats, levels, gear, etc? Yes....if I'm playing Path of Exile or something of that sort.

And so on....