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Bought it on PSVR 1 50.00%
Bought it on PC 0 0.00%
Waiting for a sale 0 0.00%
Not buying it 1 50.00%
I don't have a VR platform. 0 0.00%
Other, comments, Donald T... 0 0.00%

I'm putting this in gaming because ot is on multpile VR platforms, just came to PSVR and boy it'a got a AAA feel. 

I'd given up on VR this year almost, bought like two titles and was only mildly entertained, I honestly thought it was dead and Blood and truth would be the last AAA VR game I might ever play, I was wrong, saintsand sinners is title I was looking for. I'm only into saints and sinners an hour and a half and it's already proven itself to have yhat AAA feel. I hope I'm not speaking prematurely but it looks to be fantastic addition to one of the best platforms ever and from what I read it's 15-20 hours long at a moderate pace. I'm excited for VR again in almost a year and looked up the upcoming games for PSVR which is about to start rolling for an up period while the AAA TV screen gaming is having a tough time, the perks of having a 95% digital ecosystem admist a pandemic. 

So, I'm about to head back in and update my thoughts everynow and then but from where I'm standing right now, this is one for all PSVR users to dust off the helmet for. The tutorial alone was fun and engaing while the frst hour shows there is a ton of depth and systems to delve into. It'a AAA, visuals are top tier aside from muddy text and attention to detail is absolute god teir. Everything works perfectly and many actions aren't 100% 1 to 1 so everything feels ilunique and weighty like I've never experienced in VR again. Your thoughts so far?

Minor tutorial spoiler...

I shot myself in the head during the inital holster setup tutorial and died, lol. Had to restart again.

Oh and on the note of PsVR, If saints and sinners can work with little draw bavks, anything can be ported from PC and I'm looking foward to budget cuts now which I thought would restricted in some way. VR is alive and kicking folks and better than ever, Iron man PSVR on the way along with Budget cuts, Gorn, Vader immortal all getting ports this summer amonst many others. Hopefully Dreams VR mode and I doubt it, but a Half life Alyx port (hmm it's probably ps5 valve confirmed it for cause I can't see it working on the OG... even though I was wrong with Saints and sinners) I wish I had enough money to buy a headset for everyone stuck in a matchbox Apartment right now for 95% of the day, cause this thing transports you away from reality so much when you take it off you habe no sense of the time that has past. 


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It's soooo good. Dosn't have RE7 level scares but it's still how I'd imagine RE8 to be in VR. It'a like an RE game though, a hell of a lot. Also, feels very rouge like in a way. It's the best walking dead game at any rate, by far yet It's still to early to say where it falls comparatively to other games, I'm hoovering around ZombieU maybe but with a lot more fun systems than that game. Looting is satisfying and rewarding, inventoey mangement is just about right altough I wouldn't mind an unlimited junk tab. The melee weapons are the best I've ever handled in VR and they done it by having a more Wii style animated swing at your suggestion, it works incredibly well and something I'd hqve wrote the game off on if I'd heard it. Same goes for all movement with the hands, climbing and all that. Everything ia animated to be weighty but just close enough to your motion for it not to feel lile a loss of control. Really well done, I'm looking forwars to thr afternoon tomorrow to play more.


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I cqn't believe this game is flying under sleeper VR users heads. It's far more than just a zombie or Walking dead game. It's perhaps one of the best survival horror games and I mean at least top five, not for scares but for the gameplay loop and survival and design. The emergent gameplay is fucking massively thrilling and makes you feel like a bad ass, the gameplay tasks have no markers but it's so well built and designed that it doesn't matter and makes for more reward plus they actually feel relevant. Everything about it feels top teir and one of PsVR's best, perhaps thee best as it uses VR to the max maybe even topping Blood and truth. I don't have a complaint so far it's so much aboce what I thought I was buying, so, so far.


China Numba wan!!