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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How much do you care about the graphical leap between consoles at this point?

Just wondering if people still get all super excited about upgraded graphics at this point? For me personally it's hard to imagine getting that excited by the graphical difference between PS4/XBO graphics and PS5/XBS graphics. I haven't seen what the new systems will do yet, but how excited can you get for incremental improvements at this point.

To me its kinda like, oh great we already had hyper realistic graphics and now we have slightly more hyper realistic graphics..whoopee...

Hell, I thought graphics were getting pretty damn good on the Gamecube and Xbox haha, though I do appreciate the jump to HD. And I even appreciate the difference between the current home consoles and the Switch (and I am looking forward to the graphical upgrade of the next Nintendo system to put in on par and them some of the current home consoles with hyper realistic graphics, but I doubt I'd care much beyond the next gen ie Switch 2). When I look at say PS4 graphics I honestly think to myself, who cares about wanting better than this? Maybe that's why I only care about the Switch these days, freedom to play anywhere I want is much more important to me at this point than small upgrades in super realistic graphics.

Alright graphic whores...onslaught me with insults! ;p

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0. We have long passed the diminishing returns. Graphic leaps are just getting smaller every generation. That is why generations are so much longer now. Before a new console could come out 5-6 years. Now it is closer to 7-8 years. I mean if you really want o mess with someone's head.

The Gap Between the N64 and the Wii is only 10 years. Yet the gap between Xbox 360 and Xbox One is 8 years.

Also, higher graphics are also taking so much manpower to make that big AAA games are dealing in numbers and will continue to do so as more companies are either priced out of the market or because they have to release less.

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Not much. The fact of the matter is, once game developers adapted similar modern rendering engines that are PBR based and all use similar lighting, texture maps, etc., things became much less interesting but of course more efficient and more realistic.

What I expect from next gen is sharper resolutions and better frame rates and of course, gameplay for me is king. I don't care what games look like anymore, as long as I'm enjoying it that's all that really matters. Of course, there are people who want to push the boundaries of real time rendering in gaming to create more immersive realistic art, but I personally don't care much for it. If it's there, great! If not, also great! That's my approach to "better graphics".

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Dont care about graphics but I do care about how this tech can Improve the overall experience.

Can we get to a point in which every building has a inside? How about every model with same poloygon count? Open world games not taking 1 minute to load every death/fast travel

Things like that.

I do.

I have been playing FFVIIR and there are so much low textures and etc which would be less of a thing with more powerful hardware.

As as example:

Now there are obviously games that still manage to look fantastic but even those have issues from time to time.

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Quite a bit. I only have an Xbox One S and the jump to the Series X will be a substantial one. The more and more I see of Ray Tracing and it's implementation in games as well, the more impressed I become.

Not as substantial as OG Xbox to 360 or SNES to 64 but substantial non the less.

I definitely care, especially in regards to Xbox. I only have a base Xbox One now and it is feeling mighty dated, so the leap from Xbox One to Xbox Series X is definitely worth it. Don't care quite as much about PS5 right now, since I have a PS4 Pro, but I'm still pretty excited to see the graphical leap there.

Meh. Graphics cannot be improved that much at this point, now what should be improved is performance.

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Captain_Yuri said:

I do.

I have been playing FFVIIR and there are so much low textures and etc which would be less of a thing with more powerful hardware.

As as example:

Now there are obviously games that still manage to look fantastic but even those have issues from time to time.

Yeah, FF7 Remake is a great example of why the time is right for a new gen. You can clearly tell that PS4 is holding it back. Another example is Cyberpunk, was recently rewatching the gameplay demos they've released for it, and you can definitely tell that current gen consoles are holding it back quite a bit, I see quite a few textures in those demos that are noticeably low res, and there are also some ghosting issues caused by a budget anti-aliasing solution they are using. I can't wait to see the Xbox Series X version of Cyberpunk, I'm really hoping that they managed to fix alot of those texture issues and used a better anti-aliasing solution on the Series X version. 

Yes I do, I won't ever be as surprised as the first time I saw FF IX running, but yes I look forward to what graphics the next gen will bring us and I'm sure I won't be left behind. Every time I though it couldn't get better it did and a lot, even if I didn't notice at first but when after playing for a while on that gen and going back it was very much easy to see the difference.

And anyone that thinks graphics can't get better should see CGI thread about it. Also if graphics couldn't really improve we wouldn't be getting new gens.

Also I just hate the "realistic all look the same, there is no artistic vision, boring, easy to do, etc"

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