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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Has Covid-19 changed your video game buying habits?


How have your video game buying habits changed?

Buying most everything online 0 0%
Buying digital only 2 10.00%
Mix of online/digital 1 5.00%
Stopped buying games 3 15.00%
Haven’t changed (alread... 14 70.00%

So, I am curious.  With things shut done obviously the way we have bought video games may have changed.  Some people may have started shopping online or digital.  Some may have cut back on how much they bought.  I’m curious how this pandemic has affected you guys.

As for myself, I have been digital only for years, before this generation eve released.  So it hasn’t really affected me at all.  

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Not at all. I've been ordering physical games online for about 20 years now, because that guaranteed availability of the games I've been looking for. Brick and mortar stores are something where I only go when I am not looking for something new, but rather in hopes that something old has been discounted.

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Nope I still buy my Physical copies online as I always have and whilst it remains vastly cheaper to do so than buy digital I will continue that way.


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Doesn't matter to me, since I live in a semi-rural area I've order my physical games online out of convenience, pandemic or no pandemic.

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umm, I ordered a game off of Amazon the other day instead of going to a game shop. But... that was probably more due to me being a lazy bastard than because of the virus.

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I have temporarily stopped buying physical games. The only way I can get them now is by buying them online. And since the whole point of this situation we are living is to "stay inside" as much as possible, I don't think it would be responsable for my part to make delivery guys come to my house to give me an insignificant and absolutely expendable videogame.

So I haven't bought some games that where on my radar like Persona 5 Royal, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Trials of Mana.

That being said, since the situation is getting better where I live, I may relax my position to buy Xenoblade Chronicles. 

But even if I wouldn't care about the health of people, I don't have a job right now and I will probably won't get one in the near future. Here in Mallorca tourism is pretty everything for many people. And I'm no exception. And with the covid... Well, you can imagine the situation. I work at a hotel as a maintenance guy, but I was not a permanent employee. The hotel will most likely not open this summer and since I'm a temporary employee I have no right to unemployement benefits. So... The coming months are gonna be rather challenging. Next year everything will probably be normal, but 2020 will suck for me xD

It's not the end of the world. I have enough money to live relatively well for some time. But any unnecessary expenses are a no no. Xenoblade Chronicles will be the only game I will buy probably until next year. Unless I can somehow find a job of course... 

Not really. Since our Walmart still has it's electronic section open and they receive current games I can easily go there and pick them up myself.
Physical for all 1st Party releases and 3rd Party titles I've been waiting on.

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I've only bought online during the pandemic, but they were PAL and Asia imports that I would have ordered online anyway.  If anything comes out that I would normally go to Best Buy or other brick and mortar, I'll probably order online for a while as well.  For the most part, I only buy digital on lower priced indie games.  When it comes to full retail, I prefer to actually have the physical game.

It was pretty easy actually, considering that there hasn't been a game worth buying yet this year.

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