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Forums - Sony Discussion - Last of Us Part II Story Trailer

Wonderful trailer. I'm still hyped for the game regardless of spoilers or not. 

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Looks amazing, which is to be expected from ND.

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Turning off comments is expected, but turning off likes and dislikes is kinda shitty.

Looks amazing, as expected. I wonder how long will the game be since it will be in two discs.

Looks pretty intense. Seemed to be a flashback of TLOU1 as well, but with TLOU2 graphics, so that'll be interesting to compare. The face mapping looks a lot more detailed now than on 2007 hardware.

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Loved the trailer, cant wait for the full game :D

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It looks cool to me, not sure if I'll like the gameplay though. I dropped the first one after a few hours, not even sure why. But I'll keep an eye on it.

It looks amazing, but doesn't click with me. Not enough for me to run to the store for now.

Well the trailer is good and we still don't have a clear idea of why Ellie left Joel behind.

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Trailer looks great as expected. From what I see Ellie and Joel part ways somewhere in the game.

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