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Forums - Gaming Discussion - which next gen console are you looking forward to the most?


Which next gen console are you looking forward to the most?

PS5 1,101 69.33%
Xbox Series X 487 30.67%

I figured I would do this topic before we start seeing a lot of software support to see where the hype lies now and again a little closer to launch to see where the hype lies then. 

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I am looking more forward to the PS5 because I already have an Xbox. So I do not need another one. Plus I can see if Sony's 1st party games are overrated or not.

It doesn't really matter though much because I won't be getting either at launch or launch year. Unless I somehow have a large windfall of cash.

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I'm looking forward to both.

I'm already more or less set on getting an XSX. I've always liked Xbox hardware, especially the controllers. I like a lot of what MS is planning with the system. It at least seems like the more powerful console, though it's not clear as to if that will translate to any real tangible benefit for multiplatform titles. And while it remains to be seen what their full exclusives lineup will be, the game I'm most looking forward to at the moment is Halo Infinite, and while it's cross-gen I want to play the best possible version.

I do plan on getting a PS5 later down the road for its exclusives, though, maybe a year after launch assuming it gets good Black Friday deals in Nov. 2021.


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The Switch. I already have a next gen console, so I don't really need either of the others. I might be convinced to buy a second console though if the games are good enough.

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PS5. More in line with my game tastes. Honestly, though, I'm loving the Switch, so I'm as interested in what Nintendo does next as I am the PS5. The Switch has been far and away my favorite current-gen system.

I think MS have been killing it so far with Xbox Series X, there really hasn't been any missteps with their approach for next gen and with GamePass from the get go the next generation of Xbox looks incredibly appealing. But that said, PlayStation from the end of last gen, through the entirety of this gen has been my main system from a time/money invested standpoint so I don't see why that would change next generation.

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Between the twins, the ps5. If both had the same games, the Xbox Series X for sure cause the hardware is fap worthy but since I like games on Playstation more, most certainly the ps5


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I think ps5,it really depends on the games and when they show them in a month or so i might get more hyped.

Based on info so far then Xbox Series X. That could change in the coming months.