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Forums - Politics Discussion - A lot of states are starting to agree with me. Ending this stupid and pointless lockdown.

States such as Texas had enough of this stupid lockdown that is causing more harm than good. If we don't end this lockdown, this Country will go into a great depression causing more people to suffer and die than the corona virus could ever hope to acheive. Wake up people and open your eyes before it is too late. The death rate percentage is extremely low and not worth sacrificing everything we have fought for. Contact your local congressman and let them know before it is too late.


Moderator Note-  Thread is locked as if anything this belongs in the Covid-19 thread.  I understand you were banned from that thread, but being banned from a thread does not mean posting the content you would've posted there elsewhere.  Moreover, the tone of this post is not one that is likely to start a good conversation.  There is indeed a potentially good discussion to be had weighing the costs and benefits of the lockdown.  But that good discussion is not going to start by calling the lockdown stupid or pointless, or telling people who disagree that they need to wake up.  


Last edited by JWeinCom - on 02 May 2020