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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favourite Sega console


I think the best is...

Master System 5 10.42%
Megadrive/Genesis 22 45.83%
Saturn 5 10.42%
Dreamcast 16 33.33%

Which of Sega's 4 consoles do you like best, and why?

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This is a tough one. The only one I don't own is the Master System (can obviously play the games on my Genny, but still). Gonna have to go with the Dreamcast with the Genesis at a VERY close second.

EDIT: Forgot the why - because the lineup was absolutely bonkers (Space Channel 5, Sea Man, Jet Grind Radio). Sega was green lighting everything for the DC and it was a thrill! 

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Genesis, easily. The Genesis was comparable to one of Nintendo's best systems, the SNES. It is also the only Sega system I actually own and play. I tried buying a Dreamcast a couple of times, but they kept breaking down shortly after I bought them. My much older Genesis still plays games just fine and has a much bigger and better library. The Genesis is just plain awesome.

Genesis by a long shot. The Sonic Games, Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Phantasy Star, Ristar, Golden Axe, Land Stalker, Shining Force, among a ton of others I don't have time to mention. Just a lot of quality stuff on the Genesis. I get Dreamcast, it was revolutionary and had freaking Skies of Arcadia, but the library of the Genesis was more robust, varied and fleshed out.

Only one I owned in its prime was the Dreamcast. I was conditioned to hate the Genesis.


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Definitely Genesis. Was my first ever console and still one of my all-time favorites. Great selection of games, both exclusive and otherwise. It's super durable too, my Genesis and all of my game cartridges still work after 27 years. 

My number 1 is Sega Saturn always loved it most , Many great games most never heard of super fun

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I owned the Genesis (with SEGA CD and 32X add-ons) and a Dreamcast. While I enjoyed the Dreamcast, no game on it sticks out and has as much nostalgia to me as the old school 2D Sonic games. Sonic 1, 2, 3, and Knuckles I enjoy replaying them once or twice every year.

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The Master System. A bit because of nostalgia and a bit because of some really fun games. Also just love the sounds and graphics of many of the games.