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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PS5 Fully Reveal and Games Reveal in coming weeks and more detail on June 2 in "Official Playstation Magazine " EDIT: Jason Schreier Tweet confirmation


What games do you want to see

New Twisted Metal 0 0%
New KillZone 5 8.77%
I want to see Horizon 2 Demo 9 15.79%
I Hope for Demon Souls Remake 4 7.02%
I want to see Resistance sequel or remake 1 1.75%
New IP from World Wide Studio 2 3.51%
New JRPG 9 15.79%
Gran Turismo 7 7 12.28%
Knack 3 6 10.53%
Everything 14 24.56%

EDIT: Unrelated but just for fun I Add PS5 Dual Sense Video in 3D and PS5 concept Design Video 

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I figured both would have shown us the goods already. “weeks” could mean anything. But yeah sometime in May is a safe bet.

LoD Remake cover incoming.

How will they reveal it? Some kind of live event?

I hope yes, because I like that.

It seems May and June will be good news events about next-gen. Can't wait, I've got my pre-order money ready!

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They have to do a complete reveal at some point so late Spring sounds good to me unless complications

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Hard choices.
I mean Horizon zero dawn 2? Jaw dropping.
Knack 3? Still looks good, and yes I enjoyed the first two.
a new JRPG? God knows what that could be. The possibilities making this all the more intriguing.

Knack 3 is slightly more exciting. There is an effortlessness to it. It is shorter, no sidequests etc. Something like a palette cleanser.

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This is gonna be one hell of a fap in the cuming weeks as playstation and xbox prepare to jizz all over us with games and hardware! Wet summer days be coming lads.

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I'm so relieved we don't have to wait until July to get a sneak peek of PS5 games lol.

BraLoD said:
LoD Remake cover incoming.

Now imagine if LoD remake was a launch title!