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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Can Google's Chimera help decrease crunching?

Google announced Projet Chimera, an AI technology that they claim will help even small teams of like 14 developers to be able make World of Warcraft sized games. Maybe it will be the solution of all the problems game devs are facing today with overwork.

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Overworking isn't a technological problem and it won't be solved with technology. What more effective tools will get you is lost jobs on one hand and more productive overworked employees on the other.

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Judging by description it has more to do with QA rather than development itself. And if this technology is tied to Stadia and can't be used anywhere else, it's already dead for obvious reasons.



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seeing as wows servers suck major donkeyballs it might not be the best example

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The only thing that can stop employees from being overworked is for them to stop being stupid. Like seriously, no offence intended to devs or anything because they do do a great job, but if they don't want to be overworked then they can simply choose not to be. Just join a union and then say "no" as a union. Then you won't be overworked. It really is as simple as that. In countries with decent labour laws you wouldn't even need a union, you could just say "no" to all the overtime and if they try and fire you for that you take them to court and end up very wealthy. It's a win-win.

No. Not only is overworking more an organization problem rathert than a technological one, but the better tools people have will make companies want bigger games, so the overall work will still be the same.

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The workers are overworked for deadline/financial reasons. If you implement new tools which improve productivity, the workers will be overworked somewhere else. It's purely a management issue.