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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Microsoft Trademarks Xbox Series X Logo

a pretty generic logo.

If I Trademark this one, do they have to pay me later?

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That's a Y

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Exactly, I fliped the X and deleted the bottom part. I've heard they will release a series Y so step 2 profit

Last edited by Chicho - on 22 April 2020

Introducing Xbox Y....not quite the full X.

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That's brilliant cause that's what the Y is supposed to be, a Cheaper alternative to the X

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Battle of the Logos has begun.. hm.

7.8/10 too much contrast.

Lol wtf like others said. That's a fucking Y. I thought Microsoft employees were smart. Apparently their marketing is mentally challenged.  This has to be the dumbest logo ever.

This is the one they trademarked. I edited it to a Y

Ah damn you got me