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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Mario + Rabbids sequel (or spiritual successor like Zelda+Rabbids) on Switch?

Mario + Rabbids was the surprise game of 2017 for me. Great quirky game. I was just thinking it would seem to me that Ubisoft and Nintendo would want to capitalize on its success.

I doubt a direct sequel would be made but since they did the DK DLC pack that got me thinking, I wonder if something like a Zelda + Rabbids could be in the works? I'd totally buy that game.

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I would totally be down for that. I love Rabbids. I loved them when everybody else thought they were annoying lol. Mario + Rabbids is one of my favourite games and I would be down for any continuation, whether it be Mario, DK, or Zelda.

I feel that the "Toon" Zelda artstyle would work best with Rabbids.


Or they can use Rayman again.

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It could happen, the game sold incredibly well. I think a Zelda rabbids would be a great option considering I dont think there will be much Zelda this year.

isn't the rabbid hype over?

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kirby007 said:
isn't the rabbid hype over?

Never was a Rabbid fan nor did I ever really know about their games in Wii era.  However coming from a Xcom and turn based strategy fan the Mario + Rabbids game actually offered decent strategy.  It's actually a damn good game for people into that genre.  I don't even like Zelda that much but I'd buy a Zelda + Rabbids game.

I would be interested to see what they might be able to do with the Zelda franchise. But I was all for the Mario x Rabbids idea when it first leaked (one of the few that weren't trashing it), but I gotta be honest on this one, I don't really see how these 2 franchise would work out together.


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They would probably remove the team jump thing with a Zelda + Rabbids, so I would rather have a sequel with Mario.

I would be surprised if we don't get a sequel. Though, i feel like a sequel would not feel as fresh and i would rather see them pick Zelda for example. Zelda never was as popular as it is now and Nintendo are willing to make more crossover with the franchise. Like the indie game we got last year.

I'm really curious to see the sales for M+R tho, weird no one ever talked about it since it seems to have pretty good legs. I see it often in the eShop charts after almost 3 years.

I loved the game alot.
A sequel with more difficulty options would be nice.

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