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Forums - Movies Discussion - Japanese Fans choose Top 50 Manga with which they identify themselves

Japanese fans choose Top 50 Manga with which they identify themselves :) Great Taste!

Now the 627,326 entries were evaluated. Here the result:

I personally love anime more than manga, but i like both. especially number 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, 18, 35, 44, 49 :)

"The Last of Us 2" is officially Game of the Year 2020, worldwide. Ghost of Tsushima-Artwork:

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Surprised to see Death Note as low as 44, and maybe Attack on Titan at 25 since it's still ongoing.
Many of my favorites are here as well, except:


(As an addition to the anime, since the manga has different events that aren't covered in the anime, and completely different final arc.)


Should I be worry that people define themselves with death note

Nice to see that people still remember Ranma.

Love and tolerate.

For me it's Crayon Shin Chan and Black Cat.

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I don't see any Yotsuba to or Claymore, so what even is this list?

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I am surprised that Cardcaptor Sakura is that high in the top 10, considering that Sailor Moon and Madoka Magica, the other two pillar magical girl series, are not even on the list. I don't really know the popularity status of CSS, but it is interesting to not since before Clear Card, I don't remember the series being mentioned often in communities post-ending of the manga and anime (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle notwithstanding).

And damn I have not heard anyone mention Shaman King and Zatch Bell in years.

Where is berserk or vagabond or One punch man. Shit list


Woah woah woah woah


I thought FMA, while well regarded by Japanese anime/manga fans, had lost a lot of popularity due to a lack of recency bias. I've seen many other polls (though usually in regards to anime and not manga) which place it fairly low (at least compared to how the Western audience would) in terms of rankings. Then again, all of these polls tend to be in the context of hardcore manga/anime fans so, I'm sure it's not exactly representative of the entire reading audience. Still, this is pretty cool. 600k participants is a lot to poll. Glad for Hiromi Arakawa.


MasonADC said:
Should I be worry that people define themselves with death note

I think OP meant titles that readers chose as their favorite.
Don't see anything about "identify themselves" (with) in the tweet.