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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How different of each other are XBOX, Nintendo and Playstation consumers?


Which your main gaming platform?

Xbox consoles 10 12.66%
Sony consoles 20 25.32%
Nintendo consoles 25 31.65%
Other (PC) 7 8.86%
I have more than one main gaming platform 17 21.52%

Just curious. How different do you think a general gamer of each console is compared to the others?

I'm mostly a Nintendo consumer since DS and I do realize I don't know as much about games as some of my friends who own PS4 or Xbox One. Across internet I mostly talk about Nintendo owners only because... well, they are the only ones that I have something in common to discuss, so I can only tell my experience with other Nintendo owners and really can't say anything about Sony and Microsoft consumers

In general I feel like Nintendo web community is very friendly, that's even more true for newbies like myself. They can be toxic sometimes, but overall I find them pretty positive and supportive to most of the products they buy. However they are also very biased like... really and very attached to their exclusives/franchises that's why Nintendo flagship franchises sells so well. I often wonder how many Nintendo gamers are actual fans of the company rather than fans of their products lol 

In general I feel that the common Nintendo gamer always want two things: Adventure and fun. Even if the graphics aren't that good, neither the gameplay is groundbreaking of the story lacks depth, the general Nintendo fan seems to like anything as long it's fun enough (which is kind of the main reason why everybody likes to play games, isn't it?)

So what's your thoughts? Am I over-generalizing or do you think is there some truth to what I say?

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Just look at the top 20 on each platform and you'll know.

Regarding fun, that is one thing most Nintendo fans get wrong. It isn't only Nintendo that is fun, nor is just the type of games they do is fun. Entertainment and fun are more broad, every body plays to get a good experience and that comes in several different ways. Even shooting others in FPS is fun to the people that like that type of game.

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DonFerrari said:

Just look at the top 20 on each platform and you'll know.

Regarding fun, that is one thing most Nintendo fans get wrong. It isn't only Nintendo that is fun, nor is just the type of games they do is fun. Entertainment and fun are more broad, every body plays to get a good experience and that comes in several different ways. Even shooting others in FPS is fun to the people that like that type of game.

Xbox fans have entered the server.

More than two thirds of Switch owners have a PS4 or Xbox One, so there is a large degree of overlap between them rather than them being three distinct separate groups.

Most gamers are not loyal to one brand.

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I voted "I have more than one main gaming platform" even though right now Switch is pretty much my main gaming platform.  But so far I've owned every Sony home console (and PSP).  And more importantly I've been gaming a long time and I'm from the US.  The popular platform in the US usually changes every generation, so I don't see any point in having console loyalty.  I mean these are the companies that have been on top in the US since I've been gaming:

Generation 2: Atari
Generation 3: Nintendo
Generation 4: Nintendo and Sega (basically tied)
Generation 5: Sony
Generation 6: Sony
Generation 7: Nintendo (first half) then Microsoft (second half)
Generation 8: Sony
Generation 9: Nintendo (so far)

What I like is a console with a large and diverse library of games.  I can usually find a decent amount of games I like on any console like that (the PS4 being the only exception).  The maker of the hottest console changes nearly every generation, so I really don't see the point of company loyalty.  I just want the console that has the most fun games.

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I will buy anything if it has games that interest me. This generation Xbox One didn't have enough for me to buy it. The 2 games I planned to buy an XBO for they canceled. I like the PS3 and 360 a lot. I liked many games on Wii but hated the hardware. Not because of power but user interface with the remote and sensor. The only time I liked one company's console over the rest was when SEGA made consoles but still enjoy other systems of those eras. Enjoyed every Sony system. Nintendo didn't make a great console post-SNES until Switch tho GBA and DS were great handhelds. Xbox was great with OG Xbox and 360 was something special. 360 felt like my 7th gen DC successor. Not seen anything yet on XSX to have me excited. Starting to think that maybe Spencer's direction is turning me off the Xbox Brand. Still too early to know tho.

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all of em are all toxic as fuck, except pc gamers

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Tbh I find Playstation & Xbox gamers to be mainly the same because of how similar those two platforms are in terms of games,graphics,and online services. However, I tend to notice more Xbox owners to be on the more casual side of gaming, meaning they have more of the type of crowd that play Sport games like Madden or NBA2K and nothing else, casual Xbox players might play the casual yearly shooter multiplats like COD but nothing else as they don't really pay attention to any other game outside of of the yearly sport or Shooter games.
-PS4 definitely has that "casual sport and shooter" gamer crowd as well, but Playstation gamers are far more likely to enjoy more big and deep games like RPGs and Action Adventure games, and the amount of developers willing to make games like that on the PS4 help build more of a RPG and Action adventure crowd on the PS4. PS4 has more gamers usually more into story mode games and pay more attention on what's going on around the video game industry.

-However, Nintendo gamers are by far the most different from anyone, they still highly value local multiplayer experiences and enjoy games that are imaginative and games that are just plain fun and appealing to play. They usually don't care much about graphics or story and Nintendo-only owners usually don't care about Multi-plats and only care about Nintendo games. Nintendo gamers, especially with the Switch is filled with a variety of different age and gender groups from casual Kids to even hardcore Adults as Nintendo makes it a priority to appeal to everyone with their games.

I was mostly a Nintendo player from 2003-2015. I got a Steam account in 2015, and I got a PS4 Pro in 2019. I haven't played a game on Windows in about two years, but it's still there if I want. And I gamed a lot on Windows from mid-2015 to early-2018. Nintendo is still my main platform, but I put a lot of time into PS4 and will likely put a lot of time at some point on Windows in the future. Nothing about Xbox appeals to me right now.
Nintendo's first-party software draws me to them. Mario, Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros., Zelda, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade Chronicles, etc.
Sony's first-party software and extensive list of multiplats and online play drew me to them.
And PC is an open platform. Before I got a PlayStation, it was where I played most multiplats (that I could run, that is).
At some point, I'll get a PS5. I also want a dedicated PC gaming rig at some point, but that's a pipe dream that is likely five or more years away from reality. I'd rather spend some of that money for a PS5, as it will have some exclusives I want to play.

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They are not different.

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