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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Which Fire Emblem game would you like to see remade for Switch?


Which game?

Radiant Dawn 6 33.33%
Path of Radiance 3 16.67%
Fire Emblem (GBA) 4 22.22%
Fire Emblem Famicom 1 5.56%
other 4 22.22%

I finished playing through Three Houses last night for the first time and it made me think about how great a remake of a previous title would be in the Three Houses engine, akin to what they did with Shadows of Valentia.

Personally I would like to see Path of Radiance remade. The game is so expensive on the Gamecube so it's hard for people to experience the game and I just think it would be awesome to see it on Switch.

How about you guys?

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I guess awakening or Shadow Dragon?

Three Houses was my first, so any would do really.

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None of them really. That kind of gameplay holds up pretty well, so there's not much need for a remake. Just make the originals available.

JWeinCom said:
None of them really. That kind of gameplay holds up pretty well, so there's not much need for a remake. Just make the originals available.

I can definitely understand that view. An anniversary collection with like five of the games on a single cartridge like Mario All-Stars or Kirby 20th Anniversary would be pretty cool. 

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Awakening. Also, Radiant Dawn as I never got to play it and would definitely buy it if Nintendo did a remake or even just ported the Wii game to Switch.

Genealogy of the Holy War by far. Another one I’d love to see remade is Blazing Blade, and if they remake Blazing Blade I hope they make it a double pack with a rebalanced remade Binding Blade.

GameCube and Wii Fire Emblems weren’t very good IMO as they were filled with junk characters, I like large casts, but only if any new character would be interesting to actually put in your party. Other issues I had was the story and world were not as inspired as those of other games, most of the locations were bland and filler. Although I do like the main character (Micaiah) from the Wii game; maybe one of the best main FE characters, despite the game having other shortcomings. Shadow Dragon is the only FE I liked less than those two; though there are a few I haven’t played. I am assuming the GBA Fire Emblem you mean is Blazing Blade, which is the one I’d like most on the list, though my vote was Other.

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Genealogy of the Holy War is definitely next in line. I was expecting an announcement of it in the last direct this year, for a release next year, but with corona I don't know anymore.

Genealogy has a big range of characters and solid maps, but I hope they do more than just remake it. Add some side-content in (not necessarily on the scale of the Monastery, but a camp or something), add a lot of side missions and expand further on supports.


... jokes aside, every game so far can really benefit from a remake,
ike's games both have some VERY glaring flaws, and awakening needs a combat rework as well as more narrative.
The GBA games are the ones that least need a remake actually.

we STILL haven't gotten an incarnation of FE3 yet in english, and Shadow dragon was trash gameplay wise so there is that.