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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sony Has Dropped The Ball On Its PS5 Rollout So Far

I was reading this article and i have to say they made a pretty good point.


"Sony Has Dropped The Ball On Its PS5 Rollout So Far

Now that we know more about the PS5, it is evident that it is actually a remarkably designed machine. It does not have the graphics processing grunt that the Series X has, but the work done on the custom SSD, especially, is notable, and may have far reaching implications for game design if leveraged properly.

However, as good as the PS5 appears to be right now, Sony seems to have done everything in its power to make it seem like anything but. The PS5, by all accounts, looks to be an exciting machine – and yet Sony’s messaging regarding it has been absolutely awful, terrible, creating a lot of doubt and confusion, all of which have coalesced to create a pretty bad first impression – and if there is one company that should understand the value of first impressions, it should be Sony.

Now, before I proceed any further, let me be clear: I think Sony’s handling of the PS5 reveal so far has been terrible. I do not think that the PS5 itself is bad (as I have said multiple times, it looks to be an exciting machine). I don’t think the PS5 is doomed to do poorly either – it’s too early to tell right now anyway. But if Sony doesn’t pick up the slack on the marketing and messaging front soon, then they will be facing a far more troubled console cycle with the PS5 than they did with the PS4.

The hugest issue has been the bizarre way in which Sony has communicated information about the upcoming console. In contrast to Microsoft’s sharp, clear, concise messaging about what the Xbox Series X is, what it can do, and how powerful it is, Sony seems to be groping around blindly in a dark room, while blindfolded. Microsoft, probably haunted by the specter of 2013, when the Xbox One got associated with a stigma that it never got rid of, thanks to negative early impressions, have done everything in their power to ensure there is no room for uncertainty and doubt. They state everything about the console as is, clearly, upfront, with no embellishment or marketing speak. And when there are doubts or uncertainties – such as when fans realized Xbox technically hasn’t promised full backward compatibility for Series X – they address the questions right away (and always with the best possible answer)."

You can read the rest of it here

Imo i agree. I think Sony's PS5's first impressions has been horrible. It almost felt like Sony rushed it out in response to MS, but first impressions do always leave an impact. I think Sony needs to pick up the ball before MS runs with it, as atm MS has only been getting positive news and if MS keeps it up it could have an impact. What do you all think?.

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I wonder what the focus on speed rather than power might mean for PSVR...

Gamingbolt is a trash site who makes trash articles.

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MS bringing their A game was more or less a given this coming generation though and I still think it's too early to call out Sony on how... dry their PS5 reveal has been when it actually has yet to be revealed.

I'm sure in coming months they'll show the hardware itself as well as the games. Not to mention the all important price which, at this point in time just seems like a game of cat and mouse between the two companies.

Once they lost the power war, it was gonna be downhill until they release pricing and games. They can't release pricing until MS does otherwise MS can adjust theirs accordingly so the only thing left are the games. With the virus and etc and everything getting delayed, they are probably having issues locking in dates and promotions so... We gotta wait and see.

One way or the other, MS has done their homework this generation, that's for sure.


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Leynos said:
Gamingbolt is a trash site who makes trash articles.

So you dont agree with the article? what parts exactly?.

I am agree i love seeing SONY in this position, well actually they need more than this to evolve. Like people said "no pain no gain". Sony need to be on the edge of the cliff, the more close to bankrupt the more Playstation will evolve to be the best platform ( although they are in far better situation this times around) . I believe Japanese are like Saiyan people where they go in the brink of destruction will return 100 times better. Just look at Nintendo with Wii U and Sony in PS3 era.

Well back in topic, we still need to wait until the games roll out and many analysis come, also we have to see the launch first (if even people care for console instead Corona). It's too early to tell. But I can see Microsoft did a great marketing and faster with the decision. Great for Microsoft but we have seen a thing from Sony . Remember Sony is still the king. :)

Leynos said:
Gamingbolt is a trash site who makes trash articles.

Don't know much about the site. But they did write interesting points about Sony's management so far with the PS5

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They've convinced a not insignificant amount of people that a weaker console has a secret sauce that makes it a market-leader power wise.

I'd say their marketing has been just fine?

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I felt like they had to mitigate the difference in flops by emphasizing other features. Like the whole audio thing, I wasn't too excited about that, but who knows once I put headphones on, maybe I'll be impressed. I know that flops aren't everything and that the hard drive issues might have been the bigger bottleneck to solve.
On the whole, I'm not worried for Sony. Many, many people seem to have the PS5 on lockdown and are eagerly waiting for the exclusive sequels coming up and whatnot. It's kind of become a thing where Microsoft has the most powerful console(at least for a time), but it doesn't really have an effect on what Sony is doing.