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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do you dream of a day where gaming is more accessible?


Do you want gaming to be more accessible?

YES! 6 27.27%
NO! 6 27.27%
This is a dumb question 10 45.45%

Think about it. Pretty much any other form of entertainment is much more accessible than gaming. Want to read a book? Buy one for 20 bucks or less, then read it. Want to watch a movie? Go to a theater, or use a streaming service (Netflix), or pop in a Blu-Ray, etc etc... Want to listen to music? Buy a song or album for $20-$30 (maybe cheaper), stream it online, download it onto your phone, etc etc...

But with video games, there are *much* more barriers. Want to play a video game? First, buy either a $300-$500 game console, or $1000 gaming PC. Then, let's pay EVEN MORE money for the games themselves! $60, Brilliant! Oh, the console you bought doesn't play every game you wanted to play? Well, time to buy ANOTHER console, amiright?! Oh, is your PC not powerful enough? Too bad! I know you could use the argument, "But you need a TV or monitor to watch movies, and you have to buy individual movies as well." Except... it's not NEARLY as expensive an investment as gaming! Not to mention, you need things like a TV or monitor for games as well (handhelds excluded), on top of all the other things I listed!

Another argument: "Gaming is more accessible than its ever been! Everyone plays games on their phones! My grandma still plays her Wii!" It's true that efforts to improve the accessibility of gaming have produced good results (Wii for non-gamers, Xbox Adaptive Controller, etc). Though, i'm more so talking about bigger, more serious, gaming experiences. To me, playing a mobile game is akin to watching a YouTube video on a phone. There are exceptions, but to me, it doesn't quite give the player/viewer the best impression of the medium as a whole.

I dunno, what do you guys think? 


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Gaming definitely costs more, but it also offers a lot more for the price. A lot of $60 games have 100's of hours of content. Which is like 50+ movies worth of content.
$8 each for a movie theater ticket would make it more expensive than a $300 console + $60 game.

Not to mention games at least come down in price a lot more readily than movies. Disney movies seem to stay at $20 for a DVD, whereas I can buy The Last of Us right now for $17. And the latter is a 10+ hour experience.

But yes, overall gaming being more accessible and not just by price is always a good thing.

More accessible gave us Wii shovelware and mobile gaming. Even tho it hurts my wallet I prefer it this way. The industry is more focused on catering to gaming fans these days. They are better for it. When you try to appeal to everyone you dilute the industry.

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Well, people buy $800 phones (and spend $1000 on a pathetic mobile game) while a lot of people had a NDS or PS2 for $99 when they were still current generation with a massive used game marketplace with $5 games. So in some ways "true gaming" is much cheaper/ accessible than mobile.

A bit dumb since you already mentionned the wide accessibility offered by mobile gaming but if you were to specify that your question was targeting a more focused audience (like home/handheld console audience) then I don't know. Gaming has already reach a stride on social media and people conciousness never seen before in gaming leaving people to buy consoles in mass at rate increasingly more rapid nowadays.
I don't see the core market growing much honestly, we're *relatively* in a good place right now. It might change, don't know how it would though ...

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I mean, Google Stadia just attempted to make games accessible from a YouTube browser. More than a few reasons as to why it failed.

Gaming will get there, eventually.

That's a dumb question.

Video games are more expensive to make than other media, so it should be no surprise that games cost more. Additionally, neither PC parts, consoles or games have static prices, so those people who can wait can pay a lot less than the initial asking prices.

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Apples to oranges, honestly. No, I don't want to because it changes the industry. We are seeing it in pretty much all mediums and honestly every time gaming was "liberalized" it was usually in a shitty direction.
Gaming is absolutely the most accessible medium at the moment, as it is, as most of the games released are free anyways. You want to know if it would be good if the whole industry would go down that patch. The answer is simply no.

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Video games are inherently more involved than staring at a screen or page, which I like, so it makes sense they require more investment. I'd prefer it to stay that way, those who want more accessible means of entertainment have plenty of options already, so I'm gonna say no.

People will spend whatever amounts of their money on whatever they deem to be worth it. I think the accessibility in gaming is more about how easy or difficult it is to pick up a game and start playing. I think this has gotten a lot better over the years, but more importantly people themselves have become more adapted to all things electronic. Current generations of people grow up with all kinds of gadgets, it's not a problem really for anyone other than old folks.