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Forums - PC Discussion - Half-Life: Alyx Reviews: 93 Metacitic, and 92 Opencritic



Some Reviews


Last edited by Shikamo - on 23 March 2020


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Pretty good ratings! Now all I need is a VR headset... :/


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I'm shocked that Valve can still make a good game after like 7 years of not developing much of anything.

Great scores! It's probably going to be one of the highest rated VR games so far.

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What an amazing Game !

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Lots of games scoring 90+ averages lately. Good time for gaming all around. Wonder if this game will eventually come to PSVR?

Please Watch/Share this video so it gets shown in Hollywood.

I preloaded the game but can't play it yet since the unpacking of the download takes hours on my system. :(
Preloaded it to the wrong drive and I'll have to wait until I can move it on the SSD.

Well, I finished HL2 + Episode 1 this weekend. Until I finished Episode 2, the installation will be complete, I guess.

92 right now, with 23 reviews. I think it will score something around 88-90 when all reviews are counted, and that's really good.

Some users are giving this game 0/10 just because it doesn't work without VR. That's sad.

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Looking like reviewers are loving the game and that VR has its first killer game.

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I'm really hoping this gets ported to PSVR or perhaps PSVR2.