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Forums - Sales Discussion - UK: Animal Crossing NH sales 3.5x bigger than New Leaf, bigger than launch of all other Animal Crossing games combined


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Whoa, and digital is no doubt huge this time around

Wow that is crazy! With the quarantine nearly everyone i know who got it (about 8 people) purchased digital. I imagine those digital sales are nothing to be scoffed at.

That's insane, even during a quarantine period physical sales killed the launch sales of Animal Crossing New Leaf, which keep in mind is a game that sold an insane 13Million. I expect Animal Crossing New Horizon to easily blow past New Leaf's number and reach 15M, especially on the hot Switch where Nintendo's 1st Party Games are known to have much higher sales on the Switch than any other Nintendo Platform.

thats because the switch has no games

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Another sequel that is breaking records on Switch, congrats.

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The road to 25M, maybe even 30M begins!

Yea, i knew the IP was a lot more popular now since Smash and social media but this is pretty huge. Knowing digital ratio is usually a lot higher on Switch AND that AC is the perfect game to buy digitally AND that there is a pandemic, i think we could see the biggest Switch debut yet WW. 20+ millions is a lock now. Switch really is going to have numerous 20 millions seller games... and games that are targeting a core gamer audience at that, which is more invested in games than someone buying Wii Party for example. Crazy how they made the best comeback ever. And not just a quick fix like the Wii, the Switch really repared their image in just a few years.

Nintendo stays winning during a pandemic, we love to see it.

Think is I wonder what the numbers actually we're for New Leaf launch there.
But otherwise, good signs pointing to another record selling franchise !

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All previous AC games combined are less than New Horizons retail only. That's insane.

EDIT: It's also the single biggest launch on Switch.  Pokemon combined was just slightly bigger.

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