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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Will next gen consoles be able to RT properly

Or will it be like using a 2060 and have performance issues

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Depends on what you call properly. Cerny said one the internal teams was testing stuff and was able to get reflections with small "cost".

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Why would the consoles have trouble retweeting?

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Since we don't know how AMD's ray tracing hardware works, it's almost impossible to guess how taxing it will be right now.

And it will also come down to see how devs decide to use it and how extensively (only light and reflections or more), and if they prioritize it over performance or not (30 vs 60 fps).

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It worked properly on ps4 with The Tomorrow children. Who knows how much it will be used. I imagine you can still squeeze out more visual fidelity with pre baked static lighting and reflections. It all depends on what the developer is going for.

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Short answer -- No.

RT is massively processor intensive, the PS5 at only like 10 TFLOPS is not going to be able to run complex ray tracing at high resolutions + frame rate.

The SX can only run Minecraft at like 1080p with ray tracing turned on. 

Ray tracing is going to be something I think only the higher end 30 series Nvidia GPUs can do OK, probably really it will take until the 40 series (2021 or 2022) before something like that can be run really where it needs to run.