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Forums - Sony Discussion - Why are developers not using Dual Shock 4 properly?

1. Gyro aiming; Objectively more precise then using thumbsticks yet almost no 1st or 3rd party titles use it for aiming down sight. Most recent example of a title which would obviously benefit is RE3. After playing the demo this morning, any game that has a specific aiming button and mode should utilise it. Obviously it doesn't have to be mandatory.

2. Touchpad; Is literally 10 (minimum) additonal buttons which players should be able to assign as they wish or developers should use it for hotkeys like we see on PC games. Most recent example that came to mind was God of War. Instead of going to a menu to change what ruin I wanted, a simple swipe of the touch pad would have done the trick, or load out a different weapon. Instead devlopers are using it as a alternative to the old "select button".

3. Microphone. Now this is the most understandable of the lot because its a battery drain & not the highest quality. I don't mind it being ignored but some experiemental ideas: using it for certain key queues (being low on health, magic bar refilled, valuable item dropped etc), environment queues (enemy/bullet/damage that has come from behind you), or environment ambience (rain, water streams etc). These could all be terrible but It can be used more. 

Anyway, thanks for coming to my Tedtalk :) 

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1. Those are the kind of features a Wiimote or a NDS would do and PS players generally despise any motion/touch controls and "gimmicks" like the use of microphone because they think those are silly casual stuff.

2. It would take extra time for the developers to include said futures and not many PS players would like to use them anyways (because of point 1), so why even bother.

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Because most people preffer standard game, and devs will stick to what is more usual.

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Because they hope that Sony will just forget about stupid gimmicks on controllers and release a proper one someday again.

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