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Forums - Gaming Discussion - (1994) Nintendo's upcoming system will blow you away!!

Everyone is excited about the upcoming PlayStation and Xbox systems. Well, talk is cheap. Companies have been making promises for as long as I can remember. Behold!!

Just a friendly reminder; Don't get too caught up in pre-launch hype. Any other examples of over-promising that you guys can think of?

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NightlyPoe said:
Someone let me know if that link goes to Rick Astley.

100% authentic video of upcoming Nintendo hardware. I promise.

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Joke would have worked better if you just said the upcoming PlayStation system. Then it would be a play on both past and present as intended. Falls apart when you mention Xbox. Project reality talk was promising shit that was only seen on film just because SGI developed the chip who did indeed sell their indigo systems to Hollywood effects houses. The UI for the Indigo is the same UI we see in Jurrassic Park when she is hacking the park she says "it's a Unix system"

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Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

I just dived head first through my TV screen.

sethnintendo said:

I just dived head first through my TV screen.

LMAO! It's a natural reaction.

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So in an alternate universe, N64 was more powerful than PS2?

Good of you!

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That's exactly what it felt like playing Mario 64. Accurate commercial.