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Forums - Sony Discussion - Big Games-Flood for PlayStation 4. Whats your biggest Most Wanted-Game, currently?


Whats your biggest Most Wanted PS4-Game, currently?

Ghost of Tsushima 3 15.79%
The Last of Us 2 4 21.05%
Persona 5 Royal 1 5.26%
Final Fantasy 7 Remake 10 52.63%
Sakura Wars 0 0%
Resident Evil 3 Remake 0 0%
Trials of Mana 0 0%
Demon Slayer, One Piece PW4 or Fairy Tail 0 0%
Tales of Arise 0 0%
other games 1 5.26%

The question is easy: Whats your biggest Most Wanted PS4-Games, guys ? Currently?

"Dreams, the Yakuza Collection and Ni Oh 2" have recently appeared on PS4 in the last time. And "Granblue Fantasy Versus" currently. But which Games for the next time ?

My Top Most Wanted Games for PlayStation 4 are:

1. The Last of Us 2 (May), Ghost of Tsushima (June) and Persona 5 Royal (96 % worldwide, Release this March) !!

2. Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Resident Evil 3 Remake in April

And then.. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim (please a westrelease!) & Digimon Survive : ) 2020 is one of the biggest Gaming-Years for me.

Wish you a great weekend!

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Trails of Cold Steel IV localization for me.

FF7, Last of and Ghost

God bless You.

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This will be a loaded second quarter of the year on great big games, very unusual.
But GoT is my most wanted one.

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FragileSurface said:
Trails of Cold Steel IV localization for me.

Thats cool, another jrpg then : ) Its the End of this Trails of Cold Steel -SAGA, right ?

DonFerrari said:
This will be a loaded second quarter of the year on great big games, very unusual.
But GoT is my most wanted one.

Ghost of Tsushima, yeah! My new Dream-Game for the Future.

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Hard one.

The article I read about the changes to Persona 5, plus the free DLC puts it at the top of my list.
I've avoided anything and everything about FF7R so there is no "hype" there. Putting it at second.
I love musou games so one piece warriors 4 goes third.
Fairy tail got moved to June - putting it at fourth.

And I love all the tales games, but we know little about arise -so it's fifth.

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Not just PS4, but....FFVIIR is pretty much my most looked forward to video game of all time at this point. The hype I'm feeling for this game is reaching absolutely FEVERISH levels. This is gonna be like 1997 all over again. I'm still trying to figure out if this is actually real....LESS than 3 weeks to go!!!

Fairy Tail in june, right ?