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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - BOLD PREDICTION: ACNH Will Become Best Selling GOAT in Japan [Update 7.15mil]

so how much do you believe in this BOLD Prediction?" width="1240" height="2008">


Pokemon RBG over 10mil with second place being Pokemon GS over 7mil. Does AC New Horizons have a chance?

post your thoughts

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I think it can beat GS tbh as the series is already averaging 5m in Japan passing RBG depends it's plausible but if they support it continuously in the same way they supported games like Smash and Splatoon.

I was just about to post then realized I'd read the title wrong. You're predicting it'll beat GS, but not RBG right?
Because I don't see anything reaching RBG levels in japan ever again and it would have to pretty much double New Leaf sales to do so.

But a bold prediction regardless.
If everything aligns perfectly then just maybe it could hit those 7 mil+ of GS, but I don't exactly expect it.
If I have to make a concrete guess I'd say 6 mil in japan (physical + digital, if we can even get those numbers).

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Gotta admit 7m+ for Japan sales is a hell of a bold prediction. I do think New Horizons will beat all previous Animal Crossing records both in Japan and worldwide. But 7m+ in Japan alone? Not sure. That is extremely bold.

Oh yeah, it will do 7m+ in Japan.Everything is pointing out to a 2m+ launch, and animal crossing will have gigantic legs.

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I say ... Yes but with a big MAYBE. If legs are apparent following the release then I'll be convinced of such possible endeavor.

Btw, I'm surprised nobody talked about it's current reviews. Sits at 92 on Metacritic and 93 on Opencritic.

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This is the boldest prediction yet! I am very reluctant to bet against your bold predictions, as most of them seem to be almost unerringly being proven feasible. However this 1, i'm not sure Japan has the right market conditions these days to approach these "old" LTD sales figures.



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Not a bold prediction at all. This is basically guaranteed to happen, because tbone51 said it will.

7 million? That's 3 times higher than the next best Switch title.

I'm going to say no.

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SpokenTruth said:
7 million? That's 3 times higher than the next best Switch title.

I'm going to say no.

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