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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Will Resident Evil 3 get delayed due to Coronavirus?

Resident Evil 3 Remake is supposed to release 18 days from now, and the game hasn't gone gold yet.

Do you think the game will get delayed due to current Coronavirus pandemic that is going on around the globe? After all the game's plot is about a "deadly" Virus, even though Japan wasn't affected as much as South Korea for example.

I think we might get a delay announcement this week :(

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If it's that late in the development cycle... I'd say no.

Stranger things have happened though.

I really hope not.

Let the T-Virus show the Corona Virus whos boss!!!

Maybe by a little bit, but I expect they're so close to finishing that it wouldn't cause a major delay in that case.

People still say "gone gold" in the age of day 1 patches?

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The game's being printed at this point, no way it hasn't gone gold already.






The C Virus is a head cold compared to the T Virus

How ironic would that be? And yet any major game that still depends on a big percentage of retail sales will be delayed.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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A demo was just announced for the 19th March.So I guess the game will release as expected.

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