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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What generation has been your favorite so far for consoles?


What generation has been your favorite so far for consoles?

First Generation - Color ... 4 0.45%
Second Generation - Atari... 5 0.56%
Third Generation - NES, S... 31 3.46%
Fourth - Super Nintendo, ... 133 14.83%
Fifth - Playstation, Nint... 165 18.39%
Sixth - Playstation 2, Xb... 217 24.19%
Seventh - Nintendo Wii, P... 137 15.27%
Eighth - Playstation 4, N... 186 20.74%
None - Handheld gamer only 7 0.78%
None - PC gamer only 12 1.34%

Sorry for such a late weekly poll. I've been sick for the last few days so I haven't really been on here. 

For this weeks poll, I'm simply asking which generation has been the best so far for home consoles? This does not include handhelds (which will be a poll down the road). 

Note: These are going by Wikipedia's listing to set the parameters of generation. 

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Third (NES, Mastersystem etc).

The magic, simplicity (no 20 min loading times like from the affordable hom cumpters of the time) and affordability made it magic. You even played games that are objctivley crap just because there really wasn’t anything like it before and it wasn’t as crude as the Atari VCS 2600.

Also I was a kid back then and it was my first big exposure to video games. I actually got a Commodre 128 around the same time and even if I played it a lot I played NES more and have more fond memories of it (also Mastersystem is an underrated system).

Nothing comes even close.

BraLoD said:
Nothing comes even close.

I feel like there was a game that you liked that came out during that gen but I'm not sure....

Seventh for sure. Best rpgs of any gen.

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axumblade said:
BraLoD said:
Nothing comes even close.

I feel like there was a game that you liked that came out during that gen but I'm not sure....

Lots of them xD

I've been gaming since the early 80s but I didn't get my own console until the NES in 1988.

Gen 3 and earlier was too crude and, despite a few gems, I can't go back to that. Even games I loved as a kid like Super Mario 3 don't have the same luster.

Gen 4, the SNES was the only system I had. It was fantastic and had some classics that I still enjoy. 

Gen 5, again was too crude. Mostly unplayable for me today outside of the rare 2D games. I owned an N64 and a PS1.

Gen 6 is about as far back as I can play. I owned everything except the original Xbox and I have some good memories but the games have aged pretty badly. The graphics are decent enough but devs were still figuring out camera controls a lot of the time.

Gen 7 was when it all came together. Great graphics, even by today's standards. Great 2D and 3D gaming. Story telling and acting reached a level that wasn't embarrassing. Online finally hit the mainstream. I bought every console and I probably play games from that era more than I play newly released games.

8th gen, for me, was mostly 7 gen with better performance. Not enough classics. It's like I couldn't buy enough games last generation to satisfy my hunger. This gen, despite owning everything again, I often go weeks if not months between new game purchases. I often don't finish the games I buy--and yet I have the time and passion to completely replay 7th gen titles. Not to mention that poor business practices (that I admit began in the 7th gen) got taken to a whole new level this gen. VR has been a blessing but a lot of the novelty has worn off. Probably due to a lack of "must own" content.

Gen 9? Not even sure when or if I'm jumping in. Not on day one, that's for sure. Unless you count the Switch. Then, day one.

TL;DR: Gen 7 was the best.

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Fifth was my most played generation. Countless hours slamming mountain dew and playing 2 to 4 player Golden Eye, Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing, Mario Party, Bomberman, Wave Race, NBA Hangtime, Wayne Gretzky Hockey, and all the amazing wrestling games at the time. Not to mention some of my favorite single player games of all time. And that's not even counting the many amazing Playstation 1 games I didn't get a chance to play until years later when I bought a PS2. Mario 64 and Wave Race 64 were the first two games that dropped my jaw how beautiful they looked compared to what had come before them, the other that generation being the first Resident Evil when I saw it at a friends house.

My favorite console is the NES and I love the Master System as well, so I have to go with the 3rd gen. The 7th gen is close. Just so many great new IPs and amazing sequels to already established ones. Also if we consider the Switch current gen, then that and the PS4 are just incredible consoles.

I voted for 2nd generation, I loved it. Mattel intellivision was my first gaming console, when most of members here have not even born yet :d
My most favourite games were Advanced dangeons&dragons, Happy Trial, sea battle, tennis, golf, Beam rider, autoracing, burger time, Lock ‘N’ Chase, Soccer, and many others.

PSX and PS4 are a very close runner-up.

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