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Forums - Sony Discussion - Ghost Of Tsushima Out June 26th - Collector Editions Detailed

From PlayStation Blog:

A new story trailer was released:

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That's a pretty boss trailer. I'm sold.

That's literally first week of Summer, and only 28 days after TLoU 2.

Sony is spoling us this year!

Trailer looks great, didn’t know it was so soon after LOU2.

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Strange timing, particularly so close to TLOU2. I would have expected an August or September release to fit right in between the latter and the PS5's launch. Makes me wonder if TLOU2 might get delayed again and this is filling in for it...

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isnt that too close to TLoU?

That was much sooner than expected. Man this summer is getting packed fast!

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A game I have my eyes on since reveal.

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That trailer has sold me :)

I've just pre-ordered.

Can't wait.

God bless You.

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