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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Twilight Princess vs Skyward Sword


I prefer...

Twilight Princess 62 63.27%
Skyward Sword 36 36.73%

The Wii was home to two flagship Zelda titles; which do you think was the better one, and why?

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Skyward Sword looks way nicer, has better controls (WAY better if we're comparing strictly the Wii version of TP), has better dungeons, better characters, better story, better soundtrack, and better bosses.

I think you know my answer here.

Twilight Princess is actually my favorite Zelda game!

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Skyward Sword. Aside from the overworld being weaker, I think Skyward Sword is better in pretty much every area. Visuals, controls, dungeons, bosses, and so on.

Skyward Sword, the motion + use made combat amazing.

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Twilight Princess. On Gamecube.

Seriously though, I liked both pretty much equally. TP had amazing atmosphere, a better overworld map, great controls (I played the Gamecube version), but Skyward sword has it beat when it comes to story, dungeon design, and characters.

Both use the tired musical instrument gimmick though, which got old fast after Majora’s Mask.

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None HAHA !

Yeah ... joke's on me I guess ...

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NightlyPoe said:
Hynad said:

Both use the tired musical instrument gimmick though, which got old fast after Majora’s Mask.

Does it even count for these two games?  We're not exactly talking about a core gameplay element like the Ocarina or Wind Waker.

I honestly had to look up what instruments he was referring to in Twilight Princess.  

Twilight Princess was really fun back in the day. It wasn't the greatest Zelda to me but it was the best 3D one until Breath of the Wild. The gameplay and world always felt epic. I always disliked Skyward Sword. The game has incredible amounts of filler, very linear design and the world it was in wasn't interesting at all. I played Skyward Sword twice and I have no intention of ever returning. I actually want to play Twilight Princess again one day when I have the time.

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Twilight Princess is what Zelda fans wanted for years. A mature Zelda title. Put 50 hours in myself, easily my top 3 Zeldas

Skyward sword is the worst 3D Zelda, that seems to be the general consensus.The Wii controls just isn’t as good as a good old fashioned controller

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