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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - How do you feel about the new Xbox One UI?

This one has me confused.  Every review of the new UI I read talks about how fantastic it is and how it clears up clutter on the home screen.  Mine seems to be filled with more clutter and I can see even less of my background.  The appearance of the home screen is a priority for me since I'll often leave it on.  I understand some people will be glad for the ability to customize the different tabs, though.  

What does everyone think?

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I love it. Been using it since a while with the insider build :)

Its okay I like the previous version better. Going from left to right was better then going up and down.

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I think it is a huge upgrade. Going side to side for different tabs AND going side to side withing the menus was a mess. I was late to the XBox One party, and immediately disliked the UI compared to every other system that has been out for the past decade. The new UI is significantly better, but still a little too cluttered

Its definitely better, however like every UI update, takes time getting use to it.

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Azzanation said:
Its definitely better, however like every UI update, takes time getting use to it.

I'm in this boat. 

I like it but I was used to the last one and knew where everything was. 

I liked the previous one much better. But I'll get used to this of course. Hard to see an improvement though.

It’s cleaner then the last. All ready getting used to it.

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It's ok but not as good as the previous UI. The "My Games & Apps" section has been made considerable worse than previously with most functions now requiring an extra 2-3 layers of clicking/scrolling to get to and adding extra layers of input to get to things that were previously accessed easier is never a good thing, Infact the change to said section baffles me completely in how they could see it as an improvement over the last iteration.

Had it for awhile so I don’t really remember the one before this. But I reduced it down to four blocks to scroll through, it’s very fast.