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taus90 said:

What is going at Sony? I conjured up few scenario based on the words going around on the web.

What if Sony are just going to reveal the PS5 at an event they're planning, when they think is most appropriate?
I don't think that's a crazy idea.
At this point last generation, the PS4 had just been announced a few days ago.

Companies will chose the best time and place for their reveals as they see fit. A couple of weeks before Majora's Mask 3D was revealed, Miyamoto responded "We have no plans for that game at this moment."
Not because there were things not finished with the game, or they were waiting to see what someone else would do. But because they had planned to reveal it in a certain way at a certain time.

Sony had no idea when MS would reveal their specs. They're not likely going to change the date they had previously set for the reveal because of this. Or in the case that they do, it certainly won't happen in the span of just 24 hours.

taus90 said:

My theory is that, the rumors that sony were planning a 2019 release were true. And the people involved like andrew house, Yoshida, Kaz, shawn layden were the ones who were planning a 2019 release.. And higher Exec saw that 2019 ps5 will be severely under powered in a years time by series x they had to restructure the entire project and reshuffle those incharge.

So maybe the new guys. Herman, Jim Ryan were caught off guard on the best way to reveal PS5 and pulling out of e3 didnt help either. So hopefully for the sake of gamer's I do hope Sony messes up this gen and feel the heat from Xbox.

I don't imagine Sony were too keen on cutting the PS4's lifespan short when it was selling the way it was in its 6th year. Especially with the amount of big releases they still had/have coming up for the system in Death Stranding, The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima and Final Fantasy 7.

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PS4 is Doomed and Ps5 will be too.

Poor Sony :(

Coronavirus could very well kill the next gens launch. More than any of this fan stuff.

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dharh said:
Coronavirus could very well kill the next gens launch. More than any of this fan stuff.

This is an oddly possible outcome. I mean, if factories can't really handle the demand due to the paranoia and this results in lower sales due to lack of units, would there be a panic going around publishers about next gen's viability? Would delaying the next gen be better?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I do think next gen will have a slow start.

The reason for this is that in their hunt for more power, they'll have to increase the prices, too. I mean, I don't expect them to be anywhere near as cheap to produce as XBO/PS4 were at their release. So unless the consoles would be heavily subventionized, they will be quite a bit more expensive at release, limiting their sales early on.

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I'm not feeling confident either, really looks like MS is bringing the edge and ready to chop. I'm qlso pretty sure thry don't care cause if the gen goes badly the get bigger numbers inyo cloud gaming. Still, Sony had the games.


JRPGfan said:

Sony is keeping quiet, because they want to announce the PS5 at a lower price point than Xbox Series X.

Sony has PS4 selling well enough, and still wants to keep selling games on it, so announceing early doesnt make too much sense.
Rather, keeping quiet for aslong as possible, is a way to ensure extra profits. Ontop of this, they want to make 100% sure, that if their unit is "weaker" than the series X, that its atleast sold cheaper.  Until Xbox comes out offically with a price point, Sony wont mention anything.

If PS5 is actually weaker, rather than go into a "spec numbers" war with Xbox series X on social media, they ll just show a sleugh of fantastic looking games & exclusives, and announce a cheaper price point.


But OP you're funny I like you.

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Playstation always wins, pointless thread.

I don't think that Sony being silent when Xbox sharing info on next gen console is something that can be seen as a sign that Sony will mess up somehow. They both can mess up with around equal possibility. We are still almost one year before the launch. Anything can go wrong for both sides. Bad presentation, bad pricing, bad games, etc.

Bandorr said:
RJTM1991 said:

Have a look at the Tweets in this thread. Sony America taking it upon themselves to decide what Japan does and doesn't get. You don't see a problem with that?

One site may be bad, but what about Push Square? Or any other site that covers Sony's censorship policies?

Do a quick Google search. This shit isn't popular.

I'm not going to do your work for you.  Just because you use poor sources.  While reading about why DMC5 still has the lens flair in europe is interesting, blaming sony for Censoring something they didn't is poor. That it is on multiple consoles makes the argument worse. And that it was because for ratiings blows the argument out of the water. In turn making me question a source that can get just ONE game THAT wrong.

The same with suggestion that someone NOT wanting to sell 18+ games ISN'T up to them.

And you just linked to a thread that was locked for

The OP and original source are thin on details, and we are not able to verify the accuracy of any part of the story at this time. This thread will therefore remain locked."
Maybe that moderator was power tripping what is the previous comment.
"Do we actually know in detail what these policies are about? Can't find anything about it and it's pretty important for the discussion to know if this is about underage stuff and sexual assault or just 'hot adult women in bikinis'. I don't see an issue with a hot adult woman but I'm all for a policy that deals with harassment and sexualized children.

Until we know what the policy actually is I don't see much point in discussing it"
And all it was was linking to a tweet (with about 8 comments) linking to a thread where again it seems to be whining about Sony not wanting to get into 18+ games.
"It costs them a lot more time and money when each country already has their own rating boards." in the twitter thread is a good argument. Wanting to Force Sony to sell 18+ games isn't.
Have a good day - I'm done.

It is not on Xbox. At least in original version of the game. Same with PC. Not great to spread false facts.

Random_Matt said:
Playstation always wins, pointless thread.

They didn't last gen though. And maybe won't this gen.


derpysquirtle64 said:
Random_Matt said:
Playstation always wins, pointless thread.

They didn't last gen though. And maybe won't this gen.

So, Switch is an 8th gen machine?