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I prefer...

Crash Bandicoot Trilogy 11 37.93%
Spyro Trilogy 18 62.07%
rapsuperstar31 said:
Having not played either series owning the N64 at the time, I bought the Crash trilogy awhile back. I'm not a fan of it, played through a few hours of the first game and a few hours of the 2nd crash. Not liking Crash turned me off from getting Spyro, but all the positive things said about Spyro in this thread may tempt me one of these sales.

They are very different series; Crash focuses on linear obstacle course corridors with a high difficulty level, Spyro is more about leisurely exploring semi-open levels with a mild to moderate difficulty level.

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Crash, while it can get frustrating at times, more so 1 and to a lesser extent 2, I can have a lot of fun with them, 3 is just great overall.

Always found Spyro boring to play.

Let's have a champion time!

Crash, by like a million miles. The difficulty in 1 (and 2, to a lesser extent) can be a bit ridiculous at times. But, that's what gaming was like in the 90s. And Crash is just a great video game character. Spyro is more generic, and while a decent series, just doesn't have the overall awesomeness or hold the same significance in VG history as Crash Bandicoot does.

In the interest of full disclosure - I have played a lot of the N Sane trilogy, and not a lot of Reignited.  

Crash, and anyone who answers otherwise is dead to me.

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I will say though, I think of all six games I do love Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped the most, more than any of the Spyro games.

It's less punishing than its predecessors and has the most variety.