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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Crash Bandicoot Trilogy vs Spyro Trilogy


I prefer...

Crash Bandicoot Trilogy 11 37.93%
Spyro Trilogy 18 62.07%

Of these two classic Playstation 1 mascot trilogies, now both remade for all current systems with the N.Sane and Reignited versions respectively, which do you prefer, and why?

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Pros and cons for Crash:

+All games on the game card.
+No irritating recurring framerate drops like in Spyro.
-First game is mediocre.
-Levels that have you running toward the camera are annoying, and so is backtracking in regular levels if you feel you've missed something.
-Quality of individual levels can be very inconsistent.

Pros and cons for Spyro:

+All three games are good.
+No absurd difficulty spikes or bad levels like in Crash.
-Publisher cheaped out on a 16GB game card.
-Irritating framerate drops even in spots where they are inexplicable.

Spyro was better back then and it's still better today. Even the worst Spyro game of the trilogy is better than the best Crash game of the trilogy, so it's an easy call. But Crash is definitely the better port to Switch.

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I have always preferred Spyro way more than Crash

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I only like Crash Bandicoot: Warped in the whole trilogy. While Spyro I enjoy all 3 of the games.

Spyro by far, it just does everything better than Crash. The gameplay is fluid and enjoyable, while Crash is very infuriating at times.

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Spyro. Crash feels like a product of the early 3D era. Spyro still feels like something that could be made and released as an original game today. Many levels in Crash feel like someone wanted to make a Sonic game in very limited 3D hardware and that's exactly what they aimed for. Naughty Dog called the view of Crash "Sonic's Ass" . Crash was a good game in the mid-90s but I feel that gameplay has aged a lot. Spyro has aged better. More open-ended like a modern platformer. Feels more fluid.

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That's a tough one. Crash has an adorable little Polar Bear cub, but Spyro has better games... I don't know which one to choose

Can I just say Crash 2 > Spyro trilogy > Crash 3 > Crash 1?

Well Crash is somewhat challenging while Spyro is not challenging at all. That makes Crash definitely the better series.

Spyro for the game Crash for the character.

Had the Crash trilogy for a while now, and got recently the Spyro trilogy. The second one wind hands down, way more fun to play

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