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Congrats Vek!

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Congrats Veknoid! Sorry I missed the finals but you pulled through without me!

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You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Congrats Evan! My reliable review team sidekick xD

And thank you cycycycy and Morren for keeping this tradition alive :)



Thanks for running the event again cycycycycycycycy and Moren! It's a nice thing to have every year.

I'm really surprised I got this far, thanks to everyone for your love! And congrats to Vek, and also Curl, and everyone else who was nominated. We all know there is no one greatest user, but it's nice to get recognition for our contributions to the community.

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I didn't win? Ok I see what's going on here...I see...

Insert Coin. Press START. You Died. Continue?

Congratulations, Vek.

Congrats! I didn't vote because it was too hard, too many deserving users, couldn't choose.

Hadn’t seen this until now. Congrats my friend!