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I bought Dreams mainly to...

Create. 0 0.00%
Play others creations. 0 0.00%
Both. 1 25.00%
Other, comments, I didn't buy dreams. 3 75.00%

The thread titles is pretty much all the elaboration needed, I thinks. 

Share your creations as they progress through WIP. Ask for help if needed. Discuss the game and it's tools and hopefully form a place where people can come together on projects. 

Game releases tonight at 12am or tomorrow morning at 12am, whichever way you wanna slice that one. 

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And while this is being released I'll likely be playing darksiders Genesis then the campaign of Dreams after that before I even start to familiarise myself with controls again and get back to the tutorial progress.

I've got many ideas for asseta and a decent idea for a game but lets just hope the final build of the game or post launch patches at an easier experience with more interactive tutorials than the first weeks of EA, more space allocation, smoother control with the DS4 tracking and VR support in build mode to see them realized.

Aboit to start re-familarizing myself with the tools set and build a basic scene again to start with. I've a question though, am I missing out on anything majour besides stamps by skipping Arts Dream? It's a bit of a slog to gst through. Anything on the creation side that is a boon in the AD unlockables?