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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Project xCloud play test for iOS users

I did this and got an invite email within 15 minutes.

Apple is restricting them so it’s only Halo MCC right now. And it’s xCloud only, no console streaming.

I actually had poor results with console streaming, it was pretty laggy. I played some on this xCloud test and it was amazing. Loaded MCC, my Halo CE save from my Scorpio is right there. I’ve never played Reach so I loaded it up. Controls are responsive, graphics look sharp. I’m sold. This will be pretty amazing once they add all the games you own and GamePass.

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I'm using my Android phone since a while with xCloud and it works very well. I really like it.
I tried to install it on my iPhone X but as always I cannot manage to pair my controller (any of them and I have the latest ones even the Elite 2); not sure why but the phone never sees my controller in pairing mode.