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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Frostbite Engine Support For Nintendo Switch Might Still Happen, According To New EA Job Listing


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It appears as though EA might port or plan the port of the frostbite engine to the switch, according to a job posting. Article.

Last month, EA's COO Blake Jorgensen said the company had more plans for the Switch and was "always" communicating with Nintendo about what else it could bring to the hybrid system. Other EA representatives have made similar comments in the past, but so far we've only seen games like Unravel Two and watered-down versions of FIFA.

If Electronic Arts does plan to roll out more games on Nintendo's latest hardware, where's the proof? According to the Youtuber Doctre81, who has made a name for himself sifting through LinkedIn profiles, rumours about the third-party giant bringing its Frostbite engine to the Switch could still be a thing.

EA's Motive Studios is seeking a Rendering Engineer to work on a "beloved and revered" IP and requires an individual who has experience with multiple platforms including the Nintendo Switch. Further below this description is a list of expectations. Here's the key one:

Develop in the Frostbite Engine creating leading technologies for games around the globe.

So, just to clarify – EA is seeking a rendering engineer who has experience with multiple platforms, including the Switch, and requires them to "develop" in the Frostbite engine – an engine that doesn't even support Nintendo's system. EA's previous Switch releases, like FIFA 20, are running on a custom-made engine. If EA did add Switch support to Frostbite, it would open the door to various other games and superior iterations of its long-running football series.

Doctre81 is perhaps best known for uncovering a job listing on referencing the Nintendo Switch, prior to the official reveal of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition for the system.

Would you like to see the Frostbite engine support the Nintendo Switch? What other games would you like to see from EA? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Don't bother. They will just complain when the games don't sell millions anyway. Just keep porting their indie games and do some collections of last gen games.

Fake news! There isn't much room for 3rd party titles on switch. 

So which of their games can be added to Switch without Frostbite?

Which would require the engine?

Genuinely curious here.

How many of their games other than sports stuff would they bother to port anyway?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I'm just honestly surprised that Madden or NHL haven't made their way to Switch yet... I thought for sure they would at least port those over.


FarleyMcFirefly said:
I'm just honestly surprised that Madden or NHL haven't made their way to Switch yet... I thought for sure they would at least port those over.

Apparently FIFA was made on a custom engine for Switch, but FIFA, NFL, Battlefield, Need for Speed, Plants vs Zombies, Star Wars Battlefront, Medal of Honor, Mirror's Edge, Anthem, Dragon Age and Mass Effect are involved.


EA is definitely cancer, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want Battlefront/Battlefield/NFS on Switch.

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Switch has a more modern API than PS4. It has Engines like Unreal 4. Snowdrop. ID Tech 6. ID Tech 7. Evolution. REDengine. PLus others running on it with games. EA will always find an excuse however.

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