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Forums - Gaming Discussion - VGChartz Greatest User Tournament 2019 - Stage 2 - Round 4

Welcome to the VGChartz Greatest User Tournament 2019, please read the rules carefully.

The Rules.

1. Vote from your favorite to least favorite, feel free to copy/paste this template and use it. 3p is full points, 1p is 1 point.  Please make a list consisting of 3 users.  If you're still unsure ask me for clarification.

3p - Deadpool (Most favorite)
2p - Spiderman
1p - Superman (Least Favorite)

2. ONE vote per round.
3. Must have over 50 posts to vote.
4. Users in the Tournament CAN vote in EVERY round. Even their own.
5. Please avoid any flaming or insulting others, this tournament is for the communities enjoyment.
6. Thread bumping is allowed, but asking for votes is not allowed

These are the still the prelim, only 1 out of the 3 will advance:




Round 3 Winners:

Veknoid_Outcast - 37
cycycychris- 33
Machina - 26

Moving on to Stage 3:


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3p - TruckOSaurus
2p - Hiku
1p - CGI-Quality

3p. Truck
2p. CGI
1p. Hiku

3p Hiku
2p Truck
1p CGI

3p - CGI-Quality
2p - Hiku
1p - TruckOSaurus

Jesus christ, this one was harsh. All three users are amazing.

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3p - Trucks

2p - CGI

1p - Hiku

3p. Truck
2p. CGI
1p. Hiku

All great dudes.

3p trucks
2p hiku
1p cgi

3p - Trucks
2p - CGI
1p - Hiku

3p Truck
2p Hiku
1p CGI

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