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dannydinosaur makes pretty fun videos (kind of in between videogamedunkey and normal gameplay videos). He especially has a lot of Breath of the Wild stuff, but also plays other games.

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Good Armored Core and mecha LPS

Enjoyable chill live streams of Dreamcast games. Even online DC games

Great for many things retro SEGA

Cheating a bit but she is so bubbly in a genuine way. I feel she deserves a lot more subs. Down to earth. Fun to listen to. Doesn't try to be cringey or edgy. I discovered her with here Tales of LPs.

You will discover a lot of great Saturn games here

SEGA Lord X does a great job of looking deeper in the history of SEGA's past

Studio Mudprints is a couple that reviews mainly Shmups old and new. They doo live streams as well

Unseen 64. This channel is get to see videos for all the games that were canceled!

Bite my shiny metal Cockpit!

Gonna do my best to download at least one video from all of these channels recommended so far (based on a subject I'm interested in).

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He's been linked in this forum at least a couple times, but in case you haven't come across him before, I recommend MrBTongue:

Great, intelligent writer with wonderful insight. Shame he seems to have had his fill and doesn't really post any more.

Also, relevant in the run up to 2077:

I'd love to recommend this channel.

CJ is a really damn good Hitman player. He's hilarious, and his Hitmanathons tend to be fun and hilarious at times, even to his detriment. Can't recommend him enough if you're a Hitman fan looking to expand your knowledge on the series' strategies.

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Here's one for old-school Nintendo fans.  Jeremy Parish has been slowly going through early NES, Gameboy, and SNES (and a few other Nintendo systems) games for years giving his thoughts on the games, often including little history lesson on how it came to be, who was involved in the development, tech innovations, and how it relates to other games that were out at the time.

It's a very relaxing, well put together series that doesn't feel any need for hot takes or humor beyond some harmless dad jokes.  It's good for some nice nostalgia for those of us who lived through the NES days and remember these games.  He also puts them out at a pretty good clip at about 1 per week.  It's a shame that the average video only gets between 10,000-30,000 views.

I have been watching these guys as of late, and mainly returning to their eShop weekly Sunday discount videos.

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I started my own videogame channel a couple of years ago with mainly short gameplay segments of BoTW and the Souls, but recently I've been trying to improve it's quality and scope with videos about videogame history. They're in spanish, but I subbed the first one (about the creation of the first Legend of Zelda) and may sub the rest (I hope Youtube subtitles the others automatically so more people can enjoy them). I have much to learn in terms of editing, but overall I'm happy with the result (specially with the "quality" of the info). I hope you like it too! =)

PS: There are more about the origins of Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy and The Adventure of Dai  =)

Hooooo, let's take a look at my list:

LGR (Lazy Game reviews): Anything but lazy, and the guy has the perfect copy of the Duke Nukem voice.

Pixelmusement: A treasure trove of retro PC gaming, especially 80's DOS era.

Similarly, the 8-bit guy. Although he also goes into great detail as to how graphics and sound worked in the heyday.

In the same vein but for hardware, the Nostalgia Nerd. But he's a proper Nerd, meaning he's explaining technical stuff of old computers and consoles in great detail.

The Obsolete Geek: Similar to the Nostalgia Nerd.

GVAMERS: About the history of games and videogame series. Most notably, their rise and fall.

Yeah, I'm a retro gamer. How did you find out?

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Strange Rebel Gaming by Briana White, the english voice actress for Aerith in Final Fantasy VII Remake. She does lets play and reactions. She recently did a lets play with the voice actor for Barret in Final Fantasy VII Remake, John Bentley.

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